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Hey everyone, 


First post long time reader here. Long story short, I grew up racing on the east coast and have been free skiing (often) in plugs since I stopped racing about 5 years ago. I have gone from a pair of Dobermans to my Head B3RDs. 


Ive had a fair amount of work done to these boots at Peak Performance in Killington.


I have had the footbeds lowered, work done in the right tow box, a few random blow outs in the liners and custom insoles. Along with the liner work I have had the soles ground and have a perfectly true flat stance in the boot. The left boot fits great and I am 100% satisfied with the performance. My right boot is about 75% comfort after a long day of skiing. 


I have about 40-50 hard days on them, and have started to look into foam liners. I probably should have done this from the start, but I was okay with the performance of my boots until recently. 


What are my options here? Can I get new liners from Head (through a shop) and have them foam injected? Is there a route with Intuition that I can take to get the same benefit of a true plug foam liner? 


I have never had to look into this before, but I love the shell and performance of my boots I just think my liners have seen better days and getting something totally molded to my feet/shin is appropriate at this point. 


Second option is putting these on the shelf and getting into a new pair of boots which I would like to avoid entirely. 


Thank you in advance for your insights.