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You won't believe this!

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Strait from Head's website:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> HEAD-Intelligence Skis for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin
Moscow–Vienna, 30 January 2002 – During an official visit by Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel and a business delegation in Russia, Schüssel and Russian President Vladimir Putin met for an informal lunch this Tuesday, January 29. On this occasion Schüssel, a dedicated and passionate skier, presented to Putin, also an excellent skier, a truly original and highly innovative Austrian gift: a pair of micro-chip powered HEAD i.C300 Intelligence Skis. Since both went skiing together during the ski world championship in St. Anton last year and were not able to repeat this event in Moscow now, Schüssel gladly made this state-of-the-art ski as a gift for the next ski run. HEAD Intelligence features the world’s first electronic ski management system. Special fibres, called Intellifibers, built into the skis, giving the skis traction control as well as control and adjustment of torsional forces to snow, slope and terrain conditions, and also speed. Johan Eliasch, Chairman and CEO of Head NV: “I am extremely pleased that we had the opportunity to present President Putin with our computerised skis. An already very accomplished skier, President Putin will now be very difficult to keep up with on the slopes” Starting with the 2002–2003 season, 11 different models, aimed at all kinds of skiers, will offer the unique HEAD Intelligence feeling; from chip controlled skis to skis incorporating Intellifibers.


Strange how I saw this today at school after seeing this kinda thing on this site yesterday, but it appears this technology is available today and ready to be sold. Personally, I hate the idea and will probably never buy one of these skis (just imagine the problems you'd have if you take a huge jump and then suddenly upon landing, boom! the brakes engage....)
www.head.com to check it out

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"Austrian Chancellor Gives Head to Russian President"

Sorry, couldn't resist.

This does sound very much like the electronic ski brake in the other thread here. It seems to be a uniquely terrible idea from manufacturers who are desperate to come up with the nexy big thing. The things we do in the name of safety eh? On a technical note I wonder what effect base grinding has and whether it changes the braking force of the skis.
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It apparently isn’t a braking system.

From the Head website translated from german to english:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Intelligence in the snow for a maximum of security and fun always was to be designed it the objective of engineers a ski, that despite different areas -, runway and snow conditions always ideal handling characteristics develops. A function, which is to be solve very with difficulty, in particular for modern, broader ski with stronger Taillierung. The largest problem is that the broad Carving ski is exposed to higher torsion loads and thus a stronger twisting in the curves. These torsion loads can lead in extreme cases to the fact that the edge loses the contact to the snow and the ski is not to be controlled no more. But with the generation 2002/2003 HEAD solved and offers this problem ski, whose torsion stability adapts to constantly changing rate, area and snow conditions. The solution is called HEAD Intelligence. By the application of the HEAD Intellifibers - as they are used already successfully in Tennisrackets - the ski offers optimal handling characteristics with each speed, all snow and runway conditions. Intellifibers adapt the torsion characteristics with each momentum and each new situation and react very fast to each modification. HEAD Intelligence ski guarantee thus precise turns and optimal check. HEAD Intellifibers are able to convert mechanical energy into electricity. The more largely the strength, which effect affect the fibers, the more electricity produce they. If the fibers keep an electrical impulse turned around, they deform and are converted this energy into mechanical strength. So that the Intellifibers can take up the torsion loads in the curve in the best possible way, they are inserted in an angle of 45 degrees into the ski. The produced electricity is led in a closed electric circuit by a resistance and disturbing frequencies is filtered. The remaining energy flows back into the Intellifibers, which stretch themselves thereby and so the torsion stability ski increase. This entire process carries out itself in only five milliseconds! For the ski driver this revolutionary technology means that it has the ideal ski available with all conditions. All the same whether it is in the deep snow on the way, on hard, icy runways drives or in the area kept in track finds most different conditions. HEAD Intelligence ski guarantee best edge grasp, at the same time optimal control behavior in each situation and offer such a maximum of security and fun in the snow. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Translated from marketing hype to common sense:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Our skis obey the same laws of physics as a 2x4 only five milliseconds slower.

Also from the Head website translated from german to english:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> ALL Mountain for experts, Aufsteiger and EinsteigerCyber i.C 300 - the technological Topmodell a complete line for ski drivers of all performance classes offers HEAD with the ski the category ALL Mountain. In the previous year excited the first ski of this design for attention because of their broad shovel and the strong Taillierung. But the advantages of this technology were fast detected and taken over. For HEAD a reason more to remove this line consistently whereby now also top models with somewhat moderate are to be found Taillierung. The absolute technological highlight of the season 2002 is to be likewise found in the ALL Mountain category: The Cyber i.C 300 with integrated chip system. With this revolutionary model HEAD Intellifibers and the chip built in the linkage area provide for a constant adjustment of torsion stability at runways -, snow and area conditions as well as the rate of the driver. Chip the system strengthens the Intelligence effect around the 7fold and causes, which the Cyber adjusts i.C for 300 the twisting ski by an active reaction. The result: Perfect Carven, max. ski check and still better ice grasp for hard runways. Max. lift in the powder snow and at the same time ultimative Carving power on hard runway, these two request the HEAD Cyber fulfills i.C to 200. Its geometry is the combination of Slalomcarver and Freerider. The Cyber is naturally equipped i.C 200 also with the new Intelligence technology, which enables an adjustment ski to each driving conditions. In two versions the two models Cyber are i.C to 180 and Cyber i.C 160 for order, with or without integrated ski linkage system. The new super Railflex system, that in co-operation with TYROLIA developed bindungs-system, improves the handling characteristics and the handling clearly. All components - ski, linkage, disk - are co-ordinated in function and performance optimally. By the Rails lying apart far the energy will transfer in the best possible way to the edge. The super Railflex cousin already integrated in the ski enables the assembly to the linkage in few seconds by simply delaying. The point of assembly can additional be adjusted non-standard, in order to become still better fair each type of driver. The adjustment takes place only with the help of only one screw - fast and safe. Aufsteiger should access to the models of the group ALL Mountain Advanced: Cyber C 140, Cyber C 120 and Cyber C 110. The Cyber C 140, with Full carbon Jacket, captivates <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Translated from marketing hype to common sense:

We also have an integrated ski/binding system.

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Hmmm, I guess it isn't a braking system. I never really thought about translating the german. It does sound pretty cool now though, I'm glad they're not using it to brake the ski, but on the other hand I still don't want computers taking over the sport of skiing.

Edit - I really should learn to read...

As for the ski/binding 'system', IMO Tyrolia is the best binding (better than Marker and better for me than Sollie too)

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Its a little more than a Head system. It's supposed to transfer energy throughout the ski in some positive way. Edge hold threatening vibration being channeled into positive energy. Head claims its more than K2's old piezo dampening system, its more like an energy redirection system.

Fischers skis next year have a similar approach to them. The Frequency line was designed by piano tuners (I'm not kidding). It has this specially designed top plate laid over the core that directs vibrations throughout the ski like the innner workings of a piano. Bode Miller is racing on a pair of Fischers that have the tech inside in it.
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I think the Beach Boys did this quite some time ago with "Good Vibrations."
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