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Hi all - I'm headed to Utah in about a month to take advantage of some of this el nino powder that seems to be dumping everywhere but the NE and I need some help getting my setup right.


Here's what I've got:


- Mr Pollard's Opus mounted with Marker Griffon's

- Cham 97's mounted with Dukes

- Alpine boots that have been fitted/have an Intuition liner (aka I don't want to give these up)


Due to massive amounts of snow, I want to be able to ski my pollard's in the sidecountry and I was hoping to get some quiver killers to be able to switch between the bindings easily. Needless to say, my plan was foiled when I went to my local shop only to find that my setup didn't work due to screw conflicts... so here I am.


My question is: what should I do? Namely:


1. Is there another duke-style binding that has sufficiently different mounting points such that I can use quiver killers?


2. Is there a plate system that might do the same thing?

3. What about a CAST system? (I've shied away from this because of cost)

4. Just go for Alpine trekkers and suck it up



Some info about me: I'm not looking for a hardcore touring setup, just something to extend into the sidecountry a little.