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I happened on a pair of the above boots at my local 2nd hand sporting goods store while shopping for my daughter's next ski boots. Pic below:

For a boot that's been around for a few years, they look in good condition, but I can't find much information about them online. Looks like Rossi did away with the entire radical jr boot line - but seems like before they did, it had a wide range of stiffness from 60 to Pro / 100+, and unfortunately the boots in question don't have any numbers printed on them - just says "Jr 2". It looks like there is one hex screw pin between the cuf and the lower last, so I expected them to be on the stiff side, but my daughter tried them and said they felt softer then her old boots - which probably isn't possible since those were a pair of Rossi Fun Girls 3-buckle / 40 flex...

Anyway, does anyone here have opinion on / experience with this boot?