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Quick reviews of 3 items

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Just returned from annual ski week in CO, and want to mention three items, all positive.


1. Dakine 50L boot bag:  Outfitted the family with these, everyone is VERY happy with them.  They carry everything needed for day one (except skis, of course) and easily fit in the overhead bin.  The only reason I can think of that these might not work for someone is the case of particularly large feet and, therefore, boots that won't fit in the bag.  http://store.dakine.com/boot-pack-50l.html 


2. Vapur Shades collapsing water bottle:  I'm not a fan of carrying a Camelback backpack.  This bottle is perfect for my needs.  I just want a quick slurp of water from time to time and this provides it w/o requiring a lot of precious pocket space.  It provides enough water for me for 1/2 ski day and is easily refillable for the 2nd half.  http://vapur.us/shop/shades/shades


3. Oakley Prizm Rose lense:  I've reached the stage of life where flat light was really causing me a great deal of trouble with skiing.  I'm using these now for the second season and they got a great test this year with several days of overcast and snow.  They really do a great job of allowing me to see with some definition under lousy light conditions.  Great lenses as far as I am concerned.  http://www.oakley.com/prizm/snow/


OK, 4 items:


4. This is my 3rd season on my Head Rev 85s.  Very happy with them.  I don't have the skills to give a detailed review but they are stable and handle everything I need from ice to the 5 or 6 inches of powder we were lucky enough to get on our last day.  My experience is that they are a fine all purpose ski, but then I'm not a backcountry sort.

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Thanks for the review.  One of my main gripes with my boot bag is can fit my helmet and boots together.  everyone else in my family can but mine don't fit.  I'll have to check out that bag.

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How much room is there in the bag for other items?  I've been hunting for the perfect boot carrier for years.  I like to carry on all gear needed for 1-2 days on the slopes in case my bag gets lost.  That means I carry base layers, socks, ski pants, helmet, goggles, gloves and I wear my midlayers and jacket shell.  I also tend to travel with a laptop.


My solution has been to pack a normal backpack with all of these items, clip the helmet to the exterior, and just carry the boots over my shoulder.  By doing this I can throw the pack in the overhead and slide the boots under the seat on a plane.  If this has a bit of extra room I could switch things up and carry a laptop sleeve or small bag for under the seat and put everything else in this bag.

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There is a good deal of room in the bag.  Here's how I pack it:


Inside my boots goes 1 pair socks in each boot, half a base layer in each, neck gaiter in boot that got the base layer top (bottoms take more room in the boot).  In the boot compartment, in addition to the boots, goes ski pants and jacket liner (I wear the shell) and fleece vest.  Another base layer could surely fit, I just didn't pack it since I knew we had a washer-dryer where we were staying, so additional base layers went in regular luggage.  I put goggles, ski cap and regular ski gloves, plus lighter gloves, into helmet and those go in helmet compartment.  Front pocket could fit more clothing, but I take a minimal change of stuff in my regular computer backpack.  In the front compartment I just took things like pass, another google lens, sunscreen, collapsing water bottle, etc.  Everything zipped easily. It can be stuffed with a lot more than I put in it but since I'd never put it in an overhead bin before I didn't stuff it.  Others did and they were fine.  


It was also very easy to carry as a backpack - much easier than my old trapezoid bag.  


Voghan - re fitting the helmet, I packed my boots differently than others specifically to fit the helmet better.  The entry to the boot compartment is from the back.  Everyone else put their boots in side by side, toes to the front.  If I did it that way my helmet was a bit of a struggle to get in.  I put one boot sideways, foot down, and the other the opposite way, foot up, then stuffed all the clothing articles around them.  Helmet fit fine that way.  

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