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Too much work....

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A very productive career

WTFH, take note that this is what you can do if you set your mind to it!
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You mean the bit about "Postings in several places"?

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Actually I meant the bit about doing nothing for 36 years.

How old are you? Beaten his record yet or got a few years to go?
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36 is a long way off for me, and any more lip from you, laddy, and you won't even see your next birthday...

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WTFH, Seeing as I am going out with you and Natives on Friday night and it's my birthday on Saturday I think you may well be right. Although I need to be sober for at least the 40 minutes it's going to take to drive us home for the next night's revelries!!
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You mean you're bringing your car into London?

Are you COMPLETELY mad?

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Yep I am. I leave work at 4 and have to go straight up the A3 so can get to where I am staying by 4.45 and then getting home is a load easier the next day. Don't panic the whole thing is completely fine.
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I have a cunning plan (and no, it doesn't involve putting your underpants on your head and sticking pencils up your nose AGAIN)

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