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Here's my annual Eurovision thread.
Here in Oz, our TV station did a Bad Thing, it sent its own commentator rather than just taking Terry Wogan (they are replaying the Woganised version next weekend).

So, did Wogan come out with any good stuff? Did he get Tired and Emotional? did he add his own song lyrics? Did he have anything withering to say about the poor UK entry who failed to sing in the same key as the band, at least for the first verse?!!!!

I was going for Turkey and Spain, so was glad turkey won.
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He was his usual self. There were comments made about perhaps people not liking the UK because of some war thing we were involved in recently. As usual the voting was at its usual partisan level.

Currently I'm listening to him on the radio as he goes through the aftermath of it...

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... and the song was crap!
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If I tried streaming radio here, I imagine the Department's net connection would explode! What did Wogan have to say? I think he's brilliant, he's the best sledger in the UK, you should make him captain of teh cricket team (although Hussein is pretty good too).

It was hard to tell if the song was crap or not, as I never managed to work out what the tune was! I bet they were mortified over that. Quite a lot of booing from the audience to signify when countries were blatantly voting for their mates. What a stupid thing, what is the point in a song contest when they rig it like that? All I can say is, Belgium must have a LOT of mates cos their song was rubbish.
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Aah so obvious when you think about it

Well that explains a few things!! It was the monitors which does make the wrong key comment vaguely plausible.

I didn't watch it myself so can't comment just thought that might help your appreciation!!
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Yeah the music seemed a couple of notes lower than their vocals.
I did hear them playing it on Terry Wogan, and yes, they can sing in tune!

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People vote for the worst tune (that's why Austria got so many points)

We won!

The scandinavians are still bickering though ......

[ May 27, 2003, 01:41 PM: Message edited by: DangerousBrian ]
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bwaa haa haaa! That's priceless, "Nil Points". Yeah, it was evident that they could sing, even in the dreadful first verse, you could hear their voices were good, just singing something quite different from the band. I imagine they are being torn apart by the UK media.

We get Eurovision re-telecast on Sunday, complete with Terry Wogan's commentary, so I'm really hoping it was up to par.

I still think Austria was bloody awful! If they'd subtitled the song it might have been better, as the words were rather amusing. It was obviously a big joke on Eurovision.

Cop that Belgian guy with the accordian! He could do what he liked, it was still an accordian and NOTHING was going to change that.
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Originally posted by DangerousBrian:
The scandinavians are still bickering though ......
That is priceless!!!! I love it.
I quite liked the Swedish song, and the Norwegian guy was good too. I love the Swedish guy's haircut.

As for "commentators should not denigrate other countries' entries", how does Wogan get in every year?
Although he was mumping on last year about being told off for being too insulting the previous year.
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The simple reason why he gets away with it is MONEY.
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the company behind showing Eurovision. One of it's largest contributors is, wait for it: The BBC.
Hence it is highly unlikely that the UK will be kicked out of next year's contest, cause the BBC put too much money into it.
So, the BBC are one of the main contributors, and that means they get to do some things that others don't like.

And, as Terry says himself, it's not that he doesn't like the contest. He loves it. He loves the concept of it. He just finds certain bits amusing, such as the voting, and the kitsch value.

I can't wait for next year in Turkey!

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I think Wogan is great, the snider his sledging, the more desperate his pleas for a cup of tea, the better he is. I can't wait for sunday! Only problem is, I will have to sit through all the acts, again. And the interminable voting process.
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Ant, the voting, and Terry's comments on it are worth the wait!

Do you ever listen to his show on the Internet? It's on for another half hour from now, so you could listen to it at night.

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No, I'm on modem connections (most of us here are) so that's not a great idea! We only hear him at Eurovision. The government TV channel that shows Eurovision keeps trying to do its own telecast, and always people clamour for Wogan. This is the 2nd time they've had to re-screen Eurovision so we can get Wogan.
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Put the wrong video in last night, and accidentally saw the intro to the contest again - the bit with the plasticine animations. Wogan's comments in the background: Well, here we are in Latvia, and here's some interesting facts... the highest mountain is, oh 300 metres. And the biggest waterfall is all of 15 feet...

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giggle! I can't wait. sounds like he's in fine form. The re-screen is at midday tomorrow (sunday). I don't usually watch TV in the day but will make an exception for Wogan. Might put TV out on the deck... the first day of Winter is forecast to be crisp and sunny.
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