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Breckenridge Rentals

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Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out the best place to rent skis and a board in breckenridge. In the groups are a couple intermediate skiers, one new skier, intermediate/advanced boarder, and advanced skier. 


Just trying to see if anyone has any insight to which shop is best/provides best service. 


Thanks in advance.



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We're at Breckenridge now. We haven't rented Skis but have had tuning done and demoed. I've been impressed with Base Mountain Sports.

The staff are friendly and helpful and they seem to have a good range of Skis to suit a range of abilities. The added advantage for the advanced skier of sharing premises with RMU Skis, a local ski manufacturer who make brilliant Skis and do demoes.
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I used to rent from Christy Sports. We really liked that they have multiple locations, so you can rent from Breck, and return them after your last day to any other location. This was a huge benefit for us as we tried to hit multiple resorts in the area on a single trip.

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Not sure if you already did your trip but I just got back from Breck last week. We used I am beyond satisfied with the service. We got in late on Sunday and they met us at the condo. Got the kids fitted on the first boot, wife on the second. I didn't like the boots they had so they actually went back to the shop and brought me a perfect fit. On wednesday I felt like my skis needed a wax and the kids were kind of standing still. I called them and within an hour they met us at the base of Peak 9 with fresh skis for all of us. They called on Friday for a good time to pick up skis. We worked it out so they met us at the restaurant on the base of Peak 9 and picked everything up. We didn't have to schlep everything back to the condo. Easy easy easy!

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We've always had great selection & service (for years now) with Alpine Sports:


We started using them because they are in the City Market shopping center where we go for groceries and beverages, and that has always been convenient to where we've stayed.  Once we started with them we never found any reason to complicate matters.  


Family and friends have used them for winter ski and summer bike rentals, ski and boot services, binding testing, and purchasing various bits of equipment, including demo skis.  No complaints from anyone.  Friendly and good turn around for tuning and repair when necessary.  Prices seem competitive.  


I have wandered Christy's while waiting for a table or just wandering and they have been informative and helpful but never bought much from them.  It was in a Christy's (the one on S. Main St. IIRC) that a gentleman "sold" me on Oakley Prizm Rose lenses even though they weren't released yet.  He'd tried them at some convention somewhere, pre-release, and found them incredible for flat light. They were finally released and I ordered the lenses from Oakley for my Splice goggles and they are everything I hoped for.


There is a lot of competition out there and they all seem to fully understand that they make their money from skiers so I would be surprised if you didn't find quality service and competitive pricing most anywhere you decide to rent from.  I've never so much as bought groceries or beer out there w/o a hello and a smile.

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