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Anyone Been to the Canyons this year?

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Has anyone been out there this year care to post a trip report?



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As in the former Canyons Resort in Park City?

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Yes, the Canyons that is now part of Park City! We are heading out there in late Feb and I wanted to chat with someone familiar with it to start planning out some runs

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Yes.  We are having a terrific season, pretty much everything is open, and more snow on the way!

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I only have two days to ski (Sunday and Monday, 2/28 and 3/1) so I'm trying to plan out my days and get the most out of them! I have a few questions regarding some runs that will be good for me and my fiancee, I'm a rusty intermediate and she is a beginner but a good athlete.


After a few runs down High Meadow, I was thinking of this on day 1:


SaddleBack and take a run down Kokapeli and then Snow Dancer. Are these OK as the first blue runs for us? Not too steep?


Next, run down Chicane, up Tombstone and run down Cloud 9. Back up, take Silver Spur over to Peak 9 and then a long run down Harmony.


Again, any of that too steep for a beginner? I know all these are groomed.


What about Apex Ridge off of Super Condor? I was thinking of that for day two, or perhaps the runs off Dreamcatcher.



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Originally Posted by FairDevineSki View Post

(Sunday and Monday, 2/28 and 3/1)



You realize that it is a leap year and that 3/1 is on a Tuesday, right?

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Yay leap year, one more day of ski season!
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LOL!! Yes, sadly its just two days for skiing for me. 2/28 and 2/29!!



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For a beginner, Snow Dancer a couple of runs THEN Kokopelli.


Skip Cloud 9, it's a bit steep in places for a beginner.  


Harmony is a solid choice, you can even take a run or two off of Dreamscape where there's some mellow stuff such as Panorama.


Apex ridge off of Condor has a couple of steep places for a beginner, do Boa.  Then take the lift back up, ski upper Apex, then EZ street to Sum Peak lift.  Then Mainline back to Red Pine Lodge, where you can hit the stuff you did on day 1.


Have a blast!

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Awesome -- thank you V1. Exactly what I was looking for!!


Appreciate it very much you taking the time to help out.





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Ooh - I can answer this one.  Just coming back from three days on the Wasatch - two at Canyons and one at DV.  Never made it over to PCMR because Canyons was so great.  Just for some background - I am an expert skier but the rest of my family prefers blue/green groomers.  Yes, they had a better time at DV, although I loved the guided expert tour there.  


Anyways, Canyons hadn't gotten more than an inch or so of snow since the beginning of the week (I skied Friday and Sunday, 2/5 and 2/7) but it didn't really affect Friday.  I spent half of Friday lapping the Super Condor and the other half of the day off 9990.  The chutes off the western side of Super Condor were great Friday, especially higher up.  A-Chute and Western Boundary definitely skied better than the aptly named Sticks and Stones.  When I went back on Sunday after a few days of baking in the sun, the chutes were scratchy and some had golf balls.  I hiked the 20 minutes up Murdock Peak on Sunday and it was definitely worth it.  The only other memorable run over there was Canis Lupis.  I skied it 3 times but wouldn't recommend it if you're over 6 feet or are are on >183s.  Probably averaged 6 feet wide but soft snow even on Sunday.  


On Friday I skied every run off 9990.  I didn't come back to it on Sunday but everything was good there.  I learned the hard way that some of the best trails (Charlie Brown, Red Pine Chutes) do not lead back to 9990 Chair.  


Arguably the hardest trail I skied was off the very slow Peak 5 Chair.  The Abyss had feet of powder totally untouched.  However, they mean it when they say cliff warning.  It's a very tight glade and I believe there was a significant avalanche there a few weeks ago.  Also off the Peak 5 is Harmony, a  3+ mile groomer that leads to the bottom of Tombstone.  At the bottom of Tombstone there is a very quick and pretty good outdoor smoker/grill.


Big, important PSA: There was a massive power outage on Sunday and I was stuck on Tombstone for 30 mins with an interesting bunch of people (if you're reading this, friends - the ones who brought booze in nalgenes and gatorade bottles, I think you know who you are - does the offer to stay at your condo still stand?).  Importantly, Tombstone stayed affected by this even after the power came on and it ran spottily the rest of the day.  Foreshadowing trouble for possibly their most important lift.


Spent the rest of Sunday skiing groomers off Dream Peak and Iron Mountain.  Dream Peak was beautiful and barely skied as no one should ever want to ride those lifts.  Iron Mountain was scratchy (dare I say icy?) and crowded on the trails.  No lift lines though.  


I basically avoided the mid mountain but I skied Silverado Bowl which was great as well as a few bump runs to get to Super Condor.  There's a fantastic unmarked run below the Black Hole glades.  Reminded me of Canis Lupus but steeper.  


I skied about 70k vertical combined those two days and had a great trip - I hope you do too! 

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Great post -- thanks!

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