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Haven't commented for awhile but wanted to update as today is my 2 year anniversary from surgery to repair a torn left quad tendon after a nasty spill on an icy street (p. 249...original post).  I continue to follow this forum as a reminder to myself to continue to be cautious to avoid a repeat performance.  The left knee feels great and the surgeon told me that at 24 months post op it will reach its maximum healing point.  Given the nature of my job as a technical sales rep and that my accident occurred on the job it was deemed a workmans comp situation.  That being said the insurance company and my surgeon determined I will be 3% disabled for the rest of my life. As a previous 1/2 marathon runner I have scaled it back so far to maximum 2-3 miles on tread mills and rubberized high school tracks.  The knee always is a little tight for the 1st 1/4 to 1/2 mile at the start but feels better after that to the finish. Given the climate of WI in the winter I will wait until spring to pursue some outdoor path running and see how it goes after that.  So far have not experienced any pain or extra stiffness in the repaired knee from these short runs. My regular doctor who used to be an avid marathon runner is now a convert to cycling to save the knees and encourages the same for me as I approach 58.  I did a lot more cycling this past year and enjoyed that too with obvious less stress even on the good knee.  Thankfully I am also back to my real passion of golf with no issues especially the fact that I love to walk the courses when allowed.  I do a lot more walking for additional exercise than in the past as I didn't want to push it until I gat past 24 months.  So far I have taken only one major fall in these past 2 years (on a slippery curb during a rain storm) and laid there for a few seconds making sure all parts were working.  I will continue to be cautious as I am always continence of a repeat injury and wear ice cleats when walking the dog in WI winters and or snow removing situations.  Hope this thread provides some long term optimism for those just starting the PT process after the initial surgery.  Stay strong and don't give does get back to normal!