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Advice for overseas travellers

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Not sure if this post goes in the area so please move if it doesn't.

Me and a mate are planning on travelling over to Colorado next season (2017) to test the US powder. I've been reading up on it and it seems late Feb early March is the best time to go.

Our Epic Australia Season Pass for Perisher this year gets us access to Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Keystone (for Colorado) and a few others in Utah, Lake Tahoe, Minnesota and Michigan. 

Our plan is to just stick with the Colorado resorts as we only have a few weeks and want to spend most of them on the slopes rather than driving between states. At first we were looking at accomodation at one of the resorts but then figured we'd struggle trying to get to the other local resorts, so we thought about hiring an RV.

My question to you guys is, is an RVs the best way to go? I've driven in the states before so thats no biggy. My biggest concerns would be finding a place to stay each night between the 4 resorts. Are there RV parks close to each resort? If so is it a matter of packing up and driving to the main resort entrance each morning? Or can we set up camp for a few days and be able to walk to the main entrance or maybe a shuttle buss? If the weather is bad will that hamper our efforts to drive between each resort or even drive from the RV park to the main entrance?


You're local experience is muchly appreciated :) :)

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Winter Rving isn't real common in Colorado and the daily rates, for the ones open, is high.
You'd be better off finding a room on Airbnb near the bus.
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I am a Brit who spent time in an RV in the USA. While it is possible to visit some resorts and stay somewhere overnight that will not be possible in Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Keystone all of whom have local laws about sleeping in vehicles. The only Colorado winter RV park that I know of that is close to a ski resort is Aspen-Basalt Campground near to Snowmass. $47 a night.


Most RVs are not set up for winter camping and the water systems will freeze up. So I would forget the rental RV idea. You will need a car though IMHO. 


In your position I would look on Craigslist for a room in a shared house somewhere central to the 4 areas you want to ski in. Summit County Frisco Dillon Avon. 


As a last resort look at http://Vail it has weekly rates but check the reviews first!   Also don't upset Darla. 

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I spent a 30 days last season living in a nice two bedroom condo in Silverthorne, CO I found on for $3500 total.  If you did something similar you might also want to rent a cheap economy car for your stay and you could use the free Summit Stage bus as a back-up on snowy days to get around.  Don't know if your budget allows for that, but it's a nice way to go with Key, Breck and A-Basin all within about 30 minutes and Vail and Beaver Creek within about 45 minutes.  The Stage is a reliable way to get from Keystone to Breckenridge (and also Copper) and all other points in Summit County through all snow conditions, but it can be slow with many stops.  Unless you're really lucky with tons of powder, the days when a regular vehicle won't get you to most of these ski areas will be just one or two and then you can use the free bus.  From my experience last winter (was also there for first two weeks of Feb) the variety of Vail Resorts in that part of CO are enough to keep you entertained for any length of stay.

Late Feb - early Mar is an outstanding time for peak snow conditions.

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