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Monashee Powder was DEEP!

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We had the opportunity to get in three incredible days of cat skiing with Monashee Powder Snowcats January 8-10, 2016. Monashee is located deep in the interior of BC and is world renowned for the iconic Monashee Pow. We were greeted with a 20cm reset 48 hours prior our arrival making everything velvety smooth.


                                                        Legasa getting after it at Monashee


ON this trip we had a couple of young bucks who know how to slay it. Professional Snowboarder Dash Kamp from Sandpoint, Idaho and Big Mountain Skier Essex Prescott from Coeur d' Alene, Idaho who currently resides in Whistler. The rest of the posse consisted of the familiar Freeride Media faces of Desiree Leipham, Brad Albert, Devin Dufenhorst and myself.


                                           The Crew including owner Carolyn Morgan who made some turns with us


Immediately our Monashee Guides got us into the goods with some knee deep freshies on some decent steeps. It didn't take more than one lap before the young guns were wanting to sending it off the Rocks. Oh, to be young again!  


                                                             Essex Dropping in!


We watched as these two childhood friends had this huge playground to run wild in. 


                                           Desiree not to be outdone by the Young Guns


Day One was filled with some snow and even a sun break giving us a better look at another zone which we would be attacking the next day.


                                                   Brad Albert making it look easy


                                                                      Essex getting weightless


Day Two-Everyone was full on charged and ready for some more goodness. Our Guide Pete brought us over to the Burnt Forest for some memorable glade skiing and a few fun rock features for the Young'ens. It doesn't get any better than this!


                                 Devin "Duf" Dufenhorst cruising through the Burnt Forest


Day Three-With plenty of trees skiing under our belts our guides treated us to a chute that hasn't been skied much over the years, 007 was as cool and sexy as James Bond. The chute was a good 40-45 degrees for several hundred yard which opened up to an incredible pow laden field below. Dash and Essex made a trek even higher and rode the chute off to our left which was a good 1000 vert descent. We watched from below as the two slayed this dragon. Impressive!


                                                      Brad coming out of the bottom of 007

Monashee Powder Snowcats serves it up, incredible food, lodging and some of the best damn pow skiing i've ever encountered. 


Here's a recap of what went done.


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I am soooo jealous. A trip you'll never forget.
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