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Monster Waist Size

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Sup Epic Skiers,


I'm looking to grab a new ski this season. Head Monsters have always been my favourite ski. Right now I'm stuck between the M88 and the M98.

Im 26 190lbs 6'0 tall, live in the Canadian Rockies, Advanced/Expert and Charge hard all over the mountain. My current skis are; Atomic Automatics 117 (for bigger dumps) and My tried and true old Monster 78s. What say you Epic Ski? Do I grab the 98s or 88s?

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The 98 is a much 'beefier' feeling ski, if you truly like to charge hard all the time, all over the mountain, it is a better choice. If you want a little more versatility and the ability to relax at times, the 88 is a better choice. The 88 feels a bit more 'inline' with what most manufacturers are shooting for in the 88-ish category, while the 98 is pretty different from most of the skis in the 98/100 class. It feels really traditional, not much rocker and very powerful, it doesn't help you to do anything, you need strong technique or strong muscles. It's like a heavier, damper, cheeper Kastle MX98. If you liked your Monster 78, I'd say the Monster 88 is more like it in performance.

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Thanks. I've skied the bonafides 2015 in the 98 category before. How would they compare?
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I'd get the 88. Since you already have a pow ski, the 88 is going to be a more versatile ski. 88-90mm is my preferred width for a DD. When you get into skis in the 98-105mm range I feel like you loose too much hard snow without getting enough float. That gives you a pretty sweet 2 ski setup IMO.
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Originally Posted by AnonymousSkier View Post

Thanks. I've skied the bonafides 2015 in the 98 category before. How would they compare?

Well the Bonafide has a fair amount of both tip and tail rocker, so while it is a very substantial ski, it is easy to pivot. If skied on edge it is powerful, if skied with flatter angles it is pretty easy going... the Monster 98 needs to be skied on edge, it isn't built to pivot. It is much more demanding of the skier's technique.


What did you feel when you skied the Bonafide? 

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I loved the bonafides. I thought they were stable a damp at speed. I would've like a more slarvy ski in the trees. But everywhere else I thought they killed it. I was consider grabbing up a set of bones before I heard the monsters were back. Also I skied the bones after a big dump of 30cm definitely not great in any things over 10cm.
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