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Atomic 165 SL 2015/2016

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I tested a pair of this seasons Atomic SL skis last night at the local race. Nice skis. Timed better times on the race tracks to my 2y old Völkls. They have the X19 binding and I get a good deal on the package. Question, they offer me the option to test an identical pair with one of my old PistonPlate and Marker Comp20 binding combo for comparison. Should I go for it?

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Went ahead and bought the Atomics with the X19 binding on them. Just raised the binding with 3 shims at the back and 2 shims at the front. That puts me slightly over FIS legal but for Masters racing its not going to be any problem. Fine tuned the edges and put on some wax and off I went to our Friday night Super Slalom training session. A parallel SL track with 15m between gates.


The skis are light under foot and very quick edge to edge. They hold very well on ice and turn very tight. At higher speeds they are a bit more unstable compared to my old Völkl's but you cant have everything in one ski. For you that don't know, these are vertical side wall full sandwich construction skis. A departure from Atomics standard CAP construction racing range. I will keep you posted.

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I love my '16 165 SL's.


Stiff as #&^% but they are really fun.

My friends can't keep me off of them, I always have to ski them at least once a day even during GS training.

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