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New to Forum- Looking for a better mogul ski [for ME/NH]

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Hello everyone, new to the forum here so please excuse my longwinded first post.  I am wondering if I’d be better off with a different ski for the type of skiing I typically do. 

I ski on the East Coast, usually Maine/NH: Loon, Cannon, Sugarloaf, Jay Peak

I spend as much time as possible in moguls or glades, conditions depending.  On a good day I’ll be in moguls or glades 100% of the time. 

I ski about 20 days per year

I am 29 years old, been skiing about 25 years.  I’d say I’m an advance skier, but always looking to improve

I am 6’2 210 lbs


I took several years off from skiing throughout college, but I got back into it about 3-4 years ago.  After skiing my 10+ year old Rossis from high school, I bought a pair of 2014 Rossignol Experience 88s.  The difference from a 10 year old ski to the new 88s was unbelievable.  I really I like my Rossi’s but after being back in the game and learning more about the current gear I am wondering if they are the right ski for me.  I notice they seem to have a pretty serious sidecut for their class, and sometimes in the bumps I find the tips and tails getting hung up on each other.  What exactly is the advantage of having a larger sidecut like this?  Superior carving ability?  I could care less about that, because I am rarely carving turns on a groomer.  One thing I do like about the Experience 88 is how well the ski hooks up on ice, particular in early-season East Coast conditions.  If I go to a ski with a lesser sidecut am I going to sacrifice that performance on the ice?


Is a mogul specific ski like the Dynastar Twister really going to be as “useless” on the rest of the mountain as everyone says it is? 


I guess long story short, my question is are the Rossignol Experience 88s a good ski for someone who skis primarily moguls and glades?  Would I be out of my mind to try to ski a mogul-specific ski as my everyday ski?  

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Hart F17 would be a nice compliment to E88. I owe both.

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So I did make the plunge and bought a pair of 2016 Dynastar Twisters, 182cm.  I skied them for the first time this past Saturday.  To be honest, I don’t see myself skiing my Rossi E88s again anytime soon!  I loved these new skis. 


In moguls, or skiing straight down the fall line on a groomer doing short, tight turns, the skis moved around effortlessly.  I don’t know that they necessarily improved my skiing in this condition, but they certainly improved my stamina as it took basically no effort at all to get these skis doing short, tight turns.


It was a pretty icy day as well and I found that the skis had plenty of edge bite and held quite well on the ice. 


The only real negative I noticed was the lack of stability of high speeds.  Nothing crazy, but the skis were a little chattery on choppy snow at high speeds, 50mph or so.  Obviously that is not what they are made for.


I guess long story short, these skis far exceeded my expectations, not even considering that I read in many places that mogul skis “suck” on the rest of the mountain.  I think these skis could be a great fit for anyone skiing with a more classic style (narrow stance, tighter turns, etc.)

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You'll still have good use for the Rossi's in the glades and trees at places like Jay or Sugarloaf especially after a storm.
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