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Which of these two skis to get?

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Want to get into classic cross-country skiing, and went to a local shop. I can't decide between Rossignol Evo OT 65 Off Track and Rossignol Evo XC 59 Glade Arcut (just reading off the ski here).


31 years old 5'7" male 135 lbs in New England.


Most of the time I'll most likely be going on groomed trails, but I'm learning they won't necessarily be tracked for classic. Once in a while I'll be making my own trail. Both locations I'm currently considering skiing have some hills, especially the location that will be groomed. Because of this, the partial edge of the OT 65 will probably be better. But will it be noticeably heavier? Conditions often get icy as well. I'm mostly doing this for exercise. What are some reasons I would get the XC 59 besides it being lighter?


Which ever ski I end up with, it will be paired with Rossignol X-5 Tour boots.


And which length is best for my weight?

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I'd go with the wider ones with metal. You said some ice. Use the mfg suggested size for your weight. 

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