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Positive Feedback?

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I've worked on using my legs more in turns and keeping my upper body pointing downhill.  I tend to make wider turns, but have focused on the last 3 days on shorter turns while trying to keep the upper body from turning.  Anyway, first time out this year.  But noticed that instead of being sore on the top of my thighs after skiing, I'm sore on the outside thigh/leg.  Is this symptom potentially giving me positive feedback that I'm transitioning to better turns by using more of my lower body?

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I get really sore in my legs at the beginning of each season. If I have a weeks brake midseason I tend to get sore again after one day of intensive skiing. Gate training and racing wears my legs out even more. You are probably using more legs now than before. Good sign.

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I'd say it's giving you negative feedback (soreness). The fact that the soreness has moved in response to a change in your skiing is a positive sign that you have changed your skiing but not necessarily for the better or worse.


In general you don't want the upper body always pointing downhill. You want it turning less to the side of the hill than your skis. In short radius turns, this could mean always pointing straight down the hill. For wider turns you want to have your skis turn more across the hill than your upper body does so that the difference in turn is most just before the start of the new turn, This allows your hips to trace a path to the inside of the next turn.


In general, soreness in the thighs (i.e. quadriceps muscles) indicates weight "in the back seat". My fear is that moving the soreness to the side of the thighs means only that you are leaning into the new turn vs having fixed the back seat problem.


Video would prevent us from having to guess.

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