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Scarpa Hurricane Pro

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After a search without finding the needed info, I must ask some beginner questions about Ski Boots.  


As a beginner, I didn't want to spend too much just in case I decide that I am incapable of skiing, so I purchased the Scarpa HurricanePro from Amazon for $110--see photo attached.  I thought it was worth the try considering the 90% discount, my size was available, its Last is 104mm, they come with ISO Alpine compatible soles and come with Intuition liners. I'm guessing that Intuition liners by themselves usually run about $200.  Also, if I do continue with the sport I would want to do backcountry, so I figure these boots would get me started. I also own 3 Scarpa mountaineering boots, which fit very well and snug for my feet, and one of them is even the plastic kind.  
I knew Ski boots would feel even stiffer than mountaineering boots, but I fear these HurricanePro boots will cause injury. My toes feel fine, and I can even wiggle them; however, my metatarsal area feels severely crushed down. In the attached photo, I placed red arrows on the areas where I feel the pain. I kept the buckles as loose as possible, and I think the boots themselves (maybe even the liners as well) are pressing down on my metatarsals.  Even unbuckled, the pain is severe when my feet are in there. I wore the boots only for a few minutes, but when out of the boots for few hours my metatarsal area was still feeling the pressure. The length and toe area of the boots are correct, but I guess I have a high instep. 
I'm thinking of returning these boots.  The only reason I may keep them is if I can use these intuition liners with another boot, but if I have to get a shell that's a full size up then I'm guessing the liners would be useless. Am I correct that it is not possible to heat stretch the top areas of the boots where the red arrows are pointing?  If my instep is so high-maybe even 4 to 5cm longer than the length of my foot-then is my only option to buy full size bigger boots?
I welcome your advice.


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if a boot hurts that much, just return them.


lesson learned?    buy the Right thing, once

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