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Italy (Madonna) to Austria (Lech) - Transportation

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Hi there, 


In mid February I will spend one week in Madonna di Campiglio followed by one week in Lech. I am trying to figure out whether it's better to rent a car or take the train. I will be arriving at and departing from Munich. 


Option 1- Rent a car in Munich and keep the car for two weeks.

Option 2- Take a train from Munich to Trento, a bus to Madonna di Campiglio. Then a bus from Madonna to Trento, and a train to Lech. Finally, a train from Lech to Munich.


Option 2 advantages are the lower cost, the fact that I don't need to drive for 12 hours in total and can read, no issues with road conditions in winter, no issues with parking, etc... 

Option 2 disadvantage is the possible huge hassle, changing trains and taking buses. Also, I am not sure how far the hotel is from the train/bus station.


Have you guys had experience with using both means of transportation (especially the bus into Madonna) and can tell me what sounds like the better idea?



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Lots of travel.  If you don't mind schlepping bags and aren't in a big hurry, the train and bus combo works.  It is less expensive if it's just you traveling.  As you add people, the rental car becomes a better deal when split multiple ways.  You'll have to catch a bus from and to Langen am Arlberg to get to Lech and back to Langen if you're using the train.  Or you can get a cab for that leg.

If you're hopping off the plane in Munich and driving straight to Madonna, you'll be testing your endurance.  If you doing it on a Saturday, expect heavy traffic. 

Check and see if there aren't buses from the Munich airport to somewhere near to Madonna and then finish the route by bus/train or taxi.  Sometime there are links on the hotel websites.

This might help: http://www.altoadigebus.com/.  Also, email your hotel and/or the Madonna tourist office regarding direct (or direct to somewhere nearby, i.e., Bolzano, Trento) bus from the Munich airport.  This would be the best option if such a thing exists.

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I'd use the train, not sure about Italian train punctuality, but the Austrian trains are usually very good. Car rental is good if the snow is bad and you might need to travel to other resorts to find something, but in mid-February I can't see that it would be a problem.


A car is ideal, if you want the freedom to do what and whenever you like, but if like me resources are tight, I'd forget it.

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