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It seems to me that Art's terminology is consistent with other people in the racing community.  They talk about a transition which is the time when the body crosses the skis.  In that infinity move, if you take a period of time around the neutral point then you'll see the body moving diagonally across the skis.  Diagonal movement means the body was behind the skis at the beginning of transition and in front of the skis at the end of transition.  If you define a transition period independent of the turn, then the skier will be aft at the end of the turn and fore at the beginning of the turn which matches language of other racers.  So, the OP is in the back in some of those clips, but he's supposed to be.  In my opinion, he's getting forward at the right time, it just looks a little strange because the transition is so drawn out, and he can't start the turn too early given the turning radius of the skis and the shape of the course.  In other words, someone might expect him already to be forward directly between the turns, but that would start the turn too early for that course.

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I get the images that bob posted. I'm just not convinced the op is doing the same. The montages involve much more counter / the skis and the skier are moving much more down the hill. I'm sure some is camera angle but the OP tracking nearly sideways across the hill. And squrting the inside leg forward then falling inside the turn
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So as I mentioned earlier knees to the trees and torso to the next apex would serve as a great movement cue. Paired with eliminating the hand to the snow move that introduces the huge angular momentum which in turn disrupts his balance. Do both and we would see a cleaner turn exit. Or better yet, simply saying the feet, torso, and hands should face where they are heading might make all of that more user friendly.

Did anyone else notice how closely the current upper body moves resemble what the feet should do in that infinity video? Flip that so the feet are what swoop through that infinity symbol and the arms and torso don't.
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