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Skiing clothes and good destination for next skiing trip

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First, I want to ski for my next vacation which is 5-4 days without airport travel days.


So, I understood that Europe or most of Europe is suitable for skiing during winter.


My prospect destinations are: France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Norway.


These are the big names I'm thinking about, I haven't been to Europe in the snow season.


So, my question about this part is what are your recommendations for my trip?



Second, my next big concern is the skiing or winter clothes.



Now, as I live in a tropical country, and planning to visit Europe in the winter. I want to know more about what kind of clothes to buy or to rent.


So, my imagination about the clothing, is:


1. When I get to the skiing resort, there are skiing clothes for rent, right?


2. What size of backpack do I need for: 17 inch laptop, box of electronics parts and some clothes.


I'm now thinking of what size of backpack should I buy, because I want this backpack for other types of trips. Like; scouting, hiking and traveling.






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I have no idea what they rent. But, I am imagine personally renting long underwear, so you'll need to buy that. Not cotton. Personally, I wouldn't rent sox, either. Preferably merino wool, THIN, high enough to end ABOVE the boot, so I always get knee high. Make sure they are thin, not like a woman's stocking, but close to that. The reason is you want a tight fit for the boot around your foot, because the boot is what transmits commands to the ski.

If you survive/enjoy the first day, and don't plan on hand washing, you'll need multiple sets of above depending on how much you care about hygiene.

Probably rentable:
Balaclava or neck gaiter
Insulated jacket
Mittens or gloves
Insulated ski pants

Beyond that, if you're in a place like St. Anton, you'll need boots to walk around in. Because ski boots are not something you walk around in.

You're planning on carrying this laptop skiing? Seems like a good way to break it. First day, you're probably going to spend a good amount of time falling. The big goal is to stay dry and warm. If this is just a travel luggage question, then it really depends on how much you're bringing from home vs. how much you're renting/acquiring at your destination. If you're hiking, remember that the more you pack, the more it weighs. Just because it fits, doesn't mean you pack it.

Personally, leave the laptop home and get a small tablet.
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