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Halo guys!

From what I understand, the racebooster plate on the RC Pro gives experienced skiers the advantage of faster turn initiation etc.
So the racebooster plate should be harder to use, but giving better performance to people that know what to do.
Am I right?
I am trying to decide between Worldcup RC4 RC and RC Pro models (2015/2016), can you give me an advice? Please share your experience if you have one of those skis.

Another question, I have a pair of Fischer Cruzar 10 Vacuum CF. They are allmountain-like, very wide (103-110mm) with only 100 Flex index. Should I look for new, more stiff boots for those skies mention above, or I can ride with them and handle them properly. It is a CF - Confort model boots and I am not sure about combining the with race skies (although RC and RC Pro do not follow FIS regulations and should be "easyer".

Kind regards to you all!