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Jackson Hole early April

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As an Aussie after harbouring a 20 year dream to tackle the anecdotally best steepest and deepest of American skiing I finally have the opportunity to combine trip of a family wedding in late April in Florida with an excuse which will of course go straight to Jackson Hole. Having not convinced my cousin to move his wedding date to an earlier to accommodate, I will have to ski in the first and second week of April. When I lived in Georgetown Colorado back in the late 80's I skied Copper Mountain et al in early april and I had beautiful experiences of late powder,good cover and sizeable falls. What is it like now 20 years later in the global warming age? It has been my dream for 20 years, will I be crushed?

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I think they close on April 3rd this year.

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And Jackson Hole late in the season is not the best time for powder due to the lower elevations, lots of East facing terrain, some South facing terrain, and not much North facing terrain despite the acreage of the resort.


Go to Snowbird, Utah instead.  Fly to Salt Lake City.  Snowbird is great in April.  You might even get the powder that you are looking for.  Last year on April 15th they had a storm dump 4 feet.  It's probably your easiest and best bet.  Check it out.

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