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kastle mx88 fx84 tiger shark CS

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Hi guys going for a trip to Alberta February 22nd don't know what skis to take i have kastle mx88 178 with this pier i have love hate relationship on nice groomed runs love them but when it gets bumpe i find them hard to handle probable  do to my skill level. Next one is fx84 176 those i can handle anywhere but they don't wow me like the mx88 on groom runs and the third Tiger Shark CS nice short turn bunt not as much adrenalin like the mx88 I am 78kg 173cm intermediate/advance what do you think thanks for any help:rolleyes

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Take the ski that gives you the most confidence in attacking anything!  Back in the "day" we used one ski to do everything, and it was our "bullet proof" ski.  In the end, it's not the ski, it's what you feel the best on.  Don't let other people tell you what to ski based on the name, rather, you know what's best for you to have fun and ski!


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I'm similar H/W as you, and have previously owned MX88, MX78, and have had FX94 for 2 seasons now.

... and I'll be Alberta-bound at the end of January too

I know what you mean about the MX88  WOW'ing on groomers, but a bit much work in difficult conditions ( my lack of skill, and 178 probably too much ski for our H/W )


I'm going take my FX94 with me as it is a great do-all ski, and always puts smile on my face.

Though I am throwing it to the curbside in favour of a 2 ski quiver ->  76-83 and a 105-108

(  I really want to find that perfect 1-ski, a 105-108, to take on trips out West or Europe  )


So you want an MX88 but with a bit more versatility -> How about the Elan 88xti ?

It has always been well-reviewed at Epic since it came out.


Here are Dawgcatching's (aka Scott ) recent review on the current 88xti:



And Scott's other 95-105 roundup:



- Andy

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The monster 88 has kastle mx88 feel minus a tiny bit of grip but more forgiving with a hint of rocker on both ends
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Thank you very much for replying and Yes Hawk56 this is the problem now days too many skis to choose from I will take your advice that will be FX84 like tiger shark but did not ski bumps yet on them just got them from my wife for Christmas took them to mont sainte anne did not want to beet them up first season so i used FX84 for that

And thanks ARL67 and Smileguy1 fore suggestion this is more then i ask fore but very Happy You guys point:) this out it will be grate to have one off those skis instead MX88 will definitely demo them this time


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