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Mounting Bindings

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I've got a set of C6 Apollo 177cm Ex-Demo (album) which need some bindings mounted to them. I have acquired some new Rossignol FKS 120 bindings, due to reading good things about them.


However now I need them mounted. The two things worth considering seem to be mount position, and what type of inserts to use, if any. I'm going to to be travelling to the USA arriving in LA, so upon searching it seems Ski Net Sports there is one of the best in the region.

edit: Also will take feedback on other places in LA that you'd recommend


First thing is mounting holes and inserts, given this is a carbon fibre ski, with corecell foam underfoot and a bamboo core, does this affect the decision of whether i should get inserts and what type? The idea of using inserts seems far cleaner to me, even if i'm not going to be removing the binding to swap to another ski - the only other ski currently in my quiver is a fischer carver with its own FS10 railflex bindings.

I printed a paper template and if i use what appears to be the centre mount point line as reference, it seems that the FKS heel binding will overlap with some of the marker binding holes that were filled in. I can get some pictures up if this helps.


I'll be riding mostly on piste hardpack at home, but wanting to hit up powder when its available, especially for this upcoming trip.


My current boots have a BSL of 298mm at the 25.5 size. I own another pair of the same size boots that i have barely tried (spare 2nd hand) which if i recall are 292mm. I gather the FKS has minimal adjustment once mounted, ideally i want to make sure i won't need a remount should i want to try those other boots, or buy some new ones. A survey of boots seems to indicate they are 289 to 300mm in length at my size.

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Drill on size per the template.


Pick out some of the foam core through the drilled hole in the top sheet.  A mm or two all around is fine.


Fill the new holes with J-B weld. and let the epoxy settle in.  Warm helps the epoxy flow, and you want it to wet and fill the undercut.


When the epoxy is "half set up"  (dentable and not sticky), mount the bindings with the correct screws that have been prepared with a coating of wax or PAM or the like.  (this is not necessary,  but eases dismounting the bindings.  Heating the screws with a solder iron accomplishes the same thing)

Don't over tighten the screws when the epoxy is soft,  just settle everything in where it's supposed to be.  Running the screws in dry prior to the epoxy application is very helpful for establishing acceptability.  Make sure to catch that "bamboo wood core"!  Both top sheet and wood core should provide ample thread grip to snug the binding to the ski.



The J-B weld acts as a "potted insert" just about as well as any other material.  And really shines when the new holes are close to the old ones.

The bigger the undercut, the stronger the "insert", but you only need to be marginally stronger than the screw threads.


I've never had such a "hard point" fail in any ski/binding interface.

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Sorry i should have made it more clear, I won't be doing this myself due to a lack of the correct drillbits and other equipment, i'll be getting a shop over in the USA to do it for me after i arrive. Additionally i'd rather not practice on my good pair of skis for when i learn to mount myself (eventually). Ski Net Sports i've read on here and in other places has a good reptuation for service in LA, so i'm hoping to go to them.


What i want to understand is the best process for doing this, so i can indicate my preference to the shop or get an idea if they have done a good job. Even when i'm not doing something myself i like having an understanding of the process and best practice.


Thanks for the information though. So do you think they should be mounted directly rather than using threaded inserts such as quiverkiller or bindingfreedom? Or even helicoil?

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Bump, now also considering places in Seattle or Vancouver, can anyone recommend?

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Sturtevant Sports in Bellevue, WA suburb of Seattle


See Mark in the shop. Tell him Cliff sent you in.

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Thanks for that. Worth emailing/phoning ahead? Mostly concerned because a) these are a remount b) they aren't a well known ski/ski brand so don't want to turn up and be rejected for some reason.

I'm only in each location for a few days.

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