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100 greatest/100 worst...

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Let's start off with a bit of background. Most of you will know of the BBC, the main TV and radio broadcaster in the UK. One of the other national channels we have is Channel 4, which is probably more like Fox compared with ABC. (I think)
Anyway, a few months ago, the BBC ran a series of TV shows to find who the British public felt were the top 100 Britons. Here's the results...
100 to 11
And here are the top ten

Not to be outdone, Channel 4 did a show last night for the 100 worst Britons. Here are the results of that poll... 100 Worst Britons

Any other countries done anything like this?
Any other countries big enough democracies to vote that their current Prime Minister/President is the worst person?

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The list is obviously FLAWED! Who would put Boy George in the number 46 spot, with Bono at 86??

And Ozzy on the worst list? Phhhht. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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In America, magazines do this sort of thing all the time. 50 most beautiful people, ugliest, best/worst dressed. Nothing new, and I don't really pay attention. As far as a list concerning all time best Americans, I haven't heard of one.
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Good point Fox!!!!

Here in America we are bombarded with the constant drums of democratic fervor, but our media is harnessed to the demands of the current political 'mob'.

...We all want to believe that freedom really exists in a constitutional forum, but reality is that we are all herded about like lemmings by the constant bombbardment of a controlled media.

--There are many who are fed up with this situation, : and some who are trying to do something significant in response to the problem. [img]smile.gif[/img]

..Only time will tell if the effort is worthwhile!!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Diana, please.
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Yeah, it kinda shows that some people have a very small concept of greatness!
Similar with John Lennon. Yes, he was a good musician, but perhaps if he were still alive, he wouldn't have rated so highly.

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"The way to become a legend in the film world is to make three movies and then die." Some famous actor talking about Bruce Lee.

Famous people's legacy's are either a lot better or worse when they pop off this mortal coil.

I don't agree with Diana but it does depend on your definition of greatness. Doing a lot for charity, making thousands of people feel special, campaigning for peace, campaigning to clear up land mines. Greater or not than making bridges? Who can say.
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
Any other countries big enough democracies to vote that their current Prime Minister/President is the worst person?

If that's your definition of a big democracy Argentina is bigger than the States and all of Europe together!

Lately we ALWAYS think that our current president is a piece of S**T!
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