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Try the Fischer Vacuum. There are lots of different models. For years I fooled with different boots. Technica, Atomic, Nordica. These were all plug boots. They varied in stiffness and some skied better than others, but they were all good. The last ones were Dobermann Aggressor 130. They felt ok indoors and went on ok just out of the hotbag. But the plastic stiffened up considerably when cold, enough to change the flex......very noticeably when it was real cold. Worst thing though was that after chilling down it was a struggle getting them off. And when it was cold they absolutely wouldn't come off, even with lace up Zipfits. It took a heat gun to get them off, and that got real old......finally said to h#ll with it. I was lucky enough to score some of the new and then-scarce Fischer Vacuum Pro 130's. They mold exactly to your feet, and with zipfit liners fit better and ski better than anything before. The plastic stiffens very little even in very cold weather and flex remains pretty much the same. And the biggie for me is......there's no problem taking them off even in below zero weather. By far my most comfortable boot ever and after about 5yrs in these I wouldn't go back.