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Knee cartilage injury

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Hi Everyone!


I'm going out on a limb here hoping someone on this form might have some useful insight.


I have a third degree focal defect on my femoral condyle cartilage.


I'm on my third exploratory surgery which has gotten me nowhere at all.


Since the orthopeadists I have consulted say I am too young for a knee replacement, one doctor has suggested BST CarGel.


Its a compound which will "fill up" the hole in the cartilage and get me back to being normal..


Has Anyone here ever had this done or know of anyobody whos had this procedure?


Its a relatively new procedure, just accepted by Health Canada and which has been in experimentation for fifteen years.


I cant find any info on this procedure, except for what the manufacturer has to say.


Any info regarding this would be appreciated. 





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go to Pubmed--the web site of the US Library of Medicine and search BST Car-gel to get the medical literature (i've done it for you)

7 articles is a very very small data base so it doesn't sound like this is being widely done.

you can see abstracts for free--you will likely have to pay to get full text articles but it's worth doing that so that you can see who paid for the studies. Ideally you'd like to find an evaluation that was not funded by the manufacturer and was done by researchers with no condlicts of interest--if there are any. That information should be available in each article

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Thanks a million. I have read these same articles. There are only seven, same ones you've suggested.
Piramal is the manufacturer of this product and it appears they are also the author of one of these studies.
I really would like to be hopeful but on the other hand spending $10000 on a surgery that is supported by seven articles of info is seeming risky. I thought maybe there was more info out there and I was missing it somehow. I really do appreciate the time you took to research and reply to my question.
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Hum, it bring back memories...

maybe 5 years ago, I was suppose to have a big knee operation : repositionning of my knee caps...I have a spot under my knee cap with no more cartilage and the doctor came to the conclusion that it had something to do with bad positionning of the knee caps...

Anyway, he had told me that my thights were really tights and that I needed to do something about it... I did... And finally didn't need the operation anymore...:D


Before meeting the doc, I did some research on internet and had found something similar to what you are refering to and I realized that my doctor was one of the doctors working to develop this new technique... I ask him if he could do it on me but it was too soon... That doctor is the official surgeon for the hockey team (Les Canadiens)... I'll try to find it again!

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Did you see DrRanger?
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Yes, that's him! 

Is he yours?

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Yup....the one and only
It's $10000 for the surgery so I'm looking for a bit more info than what he's telling me. According to him it's amazing.
I'm booked for February and now I'm starting to panic a bit
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Well maybe you should ask for another appointment just to clear your head? Before he clear your wallet...;)


To me he was always honest but I had to ask the right questions...

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Thanks good idea!
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10 000$... I'm guessing you don't live in Quebec?

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A wise surgeon once told me not to be the first nor the last to try a new technique. Wise idea for patients too I think, unless you're dying.

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