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Serious Help Needed!!

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Hey all, I recently bought a beat up pair of NRGY90's off ebay. They are worse than described and pictured but I'd like to keep them because I love NRGYs and got marker squires with them all for 150$.  Most of the ski I can fix, the ptex repairs and sidewalls.  There are two issues I am not sure what to do about(Sort of three). The first is a core shot right on the edge, which exposes the inner tab of edge, this I can fix, but in the same accident the edge also cracked(No Idea what to do). along the majority of the skis is minor edge separation, being the worst at the crack. Also, not really an issue but someone on them before was in a head on accident with a tree? concrete?, anyways, at the very tip of the ski the edge is bent is and there is also decent edge separation there.  Basically, How can I fix the edge crack and edge separation; the tip smushing is pretty minor. Pics Below. Thanks in advance.








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Also sorry that the pics are SO BIG. Also that they're not great, I took them on my phone so...

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I feel bad for you because those are 10 dollar skis at best.  Good luck to you. 

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Any tips? Because the really only major issue is the crack, most of the pics are of that one spot.  And I get binding out of em if I decide to keep em. Can always say to ebay they weren't as described(theyre not), and send them back.

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You get used bindings for $150? Send them back.
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That is ski is past its useful life.  You have no idea how long the delam has been there at the tip.  It could be a lot worse than you think because there were plenty of opportunities for water and ice to seep in and cause more damage.  I think that break on the edge is one hit from being completely torn out.  The suggestion that it is worth ten bucks is about right.  And yes, there are better deals out there by far for used bindings.  That ski was used hard so I would question the long term integrity of the binding.  I have snapped Griffons in half, and I am not exactly hucking off cliffs.  Bindings get tired over time and can/will fracture.  



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Hey Man,


Here is some bad advice.... but this is what I would do:


You like that style ski, you already have them in your possession, repair them the best you can and ski on them.

I myself searched ebay and looked forever for a good pair of Ten Eighty's and my purchase arrived with some terrible damage but I kept them and love them. Of course on my skis the damage was on the sidewall and top skin- your skis are basically shot.


Who cares- try something using clamps and the very best two part epoxy you can get your hands on; it probably shouldn't be the crappy 5 min. clear stuff either. 

Keep in mind the damage just to the tip won't effect your skiing but it needs gluing. Clean out the dirt first and clamp it.


Now the cracked edge is about the worst I have ever seen and more than likely after you repair it- it will probably split again.

But I would try something and take them out for a run! That's just me.


Do your epoxy and clamping repairs before you do the p-tex repairs and tuning of course.



You might want to drill in (3) or more places (red) to load up the epoxy in there (and to help clean out the dirt first). The theory here is that the industrial epoxy will be adding strength, and not weakening the ski. I would knock down the sharp edge of the crack (Yellow). You will have a divet in the edge but this could help prevent it from snagging when the ski flexes and exposes the crack. In fact if you have a dremel maybe treat the split edge as if it is a cavity!

Once the epoxy and clamping is completed at the cracked edge; maybe just dig out a little more of the crack with a dremel tool and fill in the divet with p-tex as you fill the giant crater in the base next to it.


If you intend to spring off moguls with these junkers then you will be wasting your time trying to fix them. But if you do your best on the repair and take it easy on them- skiing casually- just cruising and skiing on soft conditions- heck you should be able to get in some runs on your favorite skis after-all!


And after a couple of days of skiing on these you will have gotten your money's worth out of them.

Then hit the moguls full throttle on Day 3!!

Ha Ha!

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You will need to hammer that nose flat before you clamp it

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I am just having fun thinking of how to approach the repair to your skis but the other issue is notifying the ebay seller that maybe they should have posted a close up photo of the cracked edge and that you were not satisfied with the purchase..

Speaking of ebay: In 15 years as an ebay seller and buyer I have never given or received Negative feedback. All issues were handled with communication. The seller should work with you on this one.
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The eBay ad should have indicated that these skis were toasted! If they were described as being in any thing but poor condition, the seller deserves a bad review.
That said, at this point you need to determine the value of both the bindings to you and the challenge of working to restore some functionality to the skis.
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Yep should be an easy resolve via eBay.
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As a ski-tek at a shop in Massachusetts, I have seen a lot worse that owners just say "put a tune and a wax on 'em, they are fine"
Here is my opinion:
1. Forget the tip. Fill best you can with epoxy to keep water out
2. The edge separation is unfixable. Ski them till they get worse
3. The cracked edge can be sectioned out and replaced. Probably more than one can do at home as you need the parts, but a good shop can do the work. I did a 4" piece of edge and a 6" base weld next to it. It requires edge material, base weld material, tiny screws to hold the new edge piece on the ski, and a shop tuning machine to belt the base and edger for sides when done to flatten and smooth out. The pair I did were heavily used twintips for a teen who hits lots of rails. They have had 5 days on them so far and no issues. PM me if you want to get in touch over the phone and I can explain better.

****Keep in mind that this could be $$$. Maybe $100 which may not be worth it***

However, this is a super friendly site and if you post you are looking for something, 9 out of 10 times someone will reply they have it. eBay is a little scary, most have been totally taken for a ride buying there, myself included.
I'm currently selling all my gear on Epic, mostly vintage, but some newer late models that may suit you. Check it out.
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Skis are shot, can't see why you wouldn't want to send them back to seller and get your money refunded.
If item not as described it's a no brainer given EBay and PayPal are notorious for siding with the buyer.
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