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Fat Mountain Carver Help

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Hi All - 


Ex-racer here coming back from my second ACL surgery in a year. I normally run WC racestock slalom skis (and sometimes some racestock GS skis) but want to get a ski I can enjoy on both the east and west coast and take a little strain off of the repaired knee. I demoed the Soul 7s today in some good conditions and was able to rail some GS turns and really enjoyed them. East cost conditions, firm hardpack with a little loose stuff on top. Really ripped.  


Anything else I should be looking at? I want a ski that's fat but can also tear around on hard stuff (even some ice with regular tuning) but float when I head to SLC or DEN. Looking for a smaller radius ski (which is why the Gotamas scare me - though I could handle the radius just fine just makes the east coast runs short and the narrow runs a little scary ha). 


About me:



Expert Skier (ex slalom / gs racer) 

Fischer WC150 Vacuum Boots


Skis Considering: 

Soul 7 (demoed, had two great runs but expensive) 

Fischer 108 Ti (expensive, sounds great) 


Anything I'm missing? 




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Don't try that Soul 7 on ice.  See if you can find a Nordica Enforcer to demo, 100mm, do it all ski.  Probably try the 185.

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Yeah IMO not a great choice for someone your size and background. Enforcer, Bonafide, Motive, Monster 98, lot of better calls.
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You can really open it up with the Ranger 106! It's got an official 24 m radius but when I ski it, it feel much tighter...It's got nice flottation and a round up tail with no tail rocker for nicer carving... It has the dampness of a charger but still nice snow feel!You can ski any snow conditions on these without getting burned or without pain (knees and else)...

I skied it on hardpack and it was nice even on icier patches. If I was really trenching, I had no problem with icier conditions and if I was not full on, it would just slowly slide... 

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Fischer Motive 95 Ti.


Nordica Hell and Back.


Rossignol E100.


Line Influence 105 or 115.


Big, or at least big-ish skis that will give you the racy, carvy feel you seem to crave (my preference, too).


However, I've moved on from that for a pure pow ski, so have switched from my Line Influence 115s to Nordica Patrons.  The Lines are just gathering dust in the garage, so read up on them, and PM me if that's your ski!

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I don't know if it's the best ski to take some strain off your repaired knee, but one which I'm sure would fit your background and all the other requested qualities is the Salomon Q Lab in 190 cm. They absolutely rip, check them out.

Edit: They might seem a tad long but actually measures only 188 cm along the base, 187 cm straight tape.
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Perhaps you can find an 'old' Fischer Watea 106 TI, or a 2014-2015 Ranger 96 TI... would make a great ski for you I think.

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maybe we should wait and see if the guy is still alive...

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Thanks all for the replies. I've been doing a ton of reading. I know the experience 100 is probably the best choice but with so many dedicated carving skis I keep wanting to broaden my horizons.

I have a great price on the 106 ti (339 new) and have skied Fischer sl/ gs skis for years so I have some comfort there. Can anyone comment on the squad 7? I have an offer for a new 190 @ 439. It fells stiff and with my dedicated gs / sl carving boards I can afford to get after a completely different ski in my quiver. I would run my cheater gs skis in the am when it's hard and fast and once my knee begins to tire switch to the squad / soul / experience / enforcer etc. I don't have a dedicated back country ski and do some side / backcountry when I'm out west so if that means I could fly with two skis (cheater gs / squad 7) than i am tempted to pull the trigger.

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