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Rentals at whistler

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Making the trip on the 24th of jan.
5 days skiing. While it's too early to be sure, the forecast calls for a lot of snow.
If I were to get so lucky.. What do I rent ..

I'm 6-3 225lbs. And will bring with me brahma or bonifide..
But if we get some good snow will rent..
I'd call myself an advanced level 7/8
What ski to I jump on and where do I get em ?

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Summit rentals next to Whistler gondola

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Rent Demo's from the mountain. Then swap them out whenever you like. Even from the top of the hill. I was riding the demo Brahma's today. The Rosi S7's are the go-to powder skis in Whistler. Us big guys prefer the Super 7's with the Kevlar top. 

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Hey Marty - heading out in March from NJ.  It looks like it will cost a small fortune to ship everyones skins out so thinking of renting for the family.  Does Summit rent advanced skies?

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