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Cleaning a GS suit

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Hey guys I recently contacted a seller about their gs suit asking for more pictures and some more general information about the suit. The seller responded by sending me a couple of pictures and also said he had it dry cleaned for the auction. I know that descente and spyder recommend avoiding dry cleaning and putting it in a dryer. Do you think that the dry cleaning may have ruined the suit? Thanks for the help guys.

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If truly dry cleaned, it probably damaged the suit.  Damage may not be evident right now, but I'd expect the life of the suit to be very short from now on.  Personally I'd avoid a suit that had been dry cleaned, but YRMV.  I always wear some type of thin base layer- makes on/off easier and the suit doesn't have to be washed that often.  I wash inside-out cold & dry flat on towels.

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Hand wash suits in warm water with a gentle detergent like Woolite. Rinse thoroughly, blot dry to remove as much waster as possible and then let air dry flat on towels. Never hang a wet suit! Never put in dryer and NEVER dry clean!

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Never had a problem with wash in a front load washer on gentle and hang to dry. Done it with cheap suits done it with WC suits.

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