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Any Stowe info to share

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going to Stowe the 24th for a week. Staying at the Commodore. Please share any great cruising runs, restaurants or out of the way places to visit, eat or shop. How about workout a place, hot springs or sauna and steam. I especially like Vegetarian or healthy foods and ethnic restaurants. So far I see Spruce Camp as a place to park my skis overnight but still be able to get to any part of the mountain.They dont take boots. I like to find a place where I can put on my boots and store everything at the mountain for the week.



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So you all are going to leave me hanging?

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I haven't been to Stowe in decades, so I can't say I am up on what Stowe is currently like ( maybe more people can chime in.)  BUT  Stowe's reputation in the past has been it's expert terrain with the famous Front Four:   Starr, National, Lifeline, and Goat.  Yup, there is great skiing for advanced skiers.  However, there is a lot of mellow cruising @ Stowe.   Spruce doesn't get a lot mention but you might have a ball over there.  And off of Mansfield proper, there are a lot of cruising runs as an alternative to The Front Four.


The Matterhorn ( on the Mt. Rd.)  used to be a hot spot right after skiing, but again I haven't been there in decades.  Stowe is a great place, I'm sure you are going to have a blast.

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I appreciate your help.

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Sure levy1 anytime.


I MEANT   Starr, National LIFTLINE, Goat      Dam automatic editor!!!!!     My apologies

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I'm eating dinner at The Bench right now. Not cheap, but very good. And the kitchen is open late, unlike many of the local places. It is near the bottom of the Mountain Road.
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Thank you I wrote it down
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Down by the Commodore there is Green Goddess, the best vegetarian friendly place in town, specialize in breakfast and lunch. The Bench is really well liked, Idyltime is good, Doc Ponds is very good for drinks and oddly, the cheapest burger in town. Ocha (Thai food) in Waterbury (just north of Shaw's Supermarket) is probably the best ethnic food around.
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Now you're talking my style veggie and any homemade is the way I like to go
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There is 'Sauce' an Italian take-out / pre-made food place, on the left as you go up MT RD, across from the Baggy Knees plaza, really good but not a sit down and eat place.

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By pre-made I mean made in house every day, just packaged for take-out.

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Nice, BTW what are the best blue cruising runs and is there any width to them? I will take my Volkl Kendos for powder, trees and junk and what do you think my second ski should be. A GS cruiser to do long fast and wide runs or a shorter radius carver like my fisher progressor 900? 

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Sunrise/ Ridgeview/ Lord and North Slope lookers left off the Forerunner Quad. Nosedide when freshly groomed. Everything except Chinclip off the Gondola. Main Street and Side Street off Sensation Quad, most of the stuff off Sunny Spruce. The widest stuff is Sunrise, Nosedive, Main Street, Perry Merrill and Gondolier

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Sunrise/Ridgeview/Standard is my favorite cruiser. Lord/North Slope is just a little steeper overall and really good too. Great cruising on Perry Merrill and on Mondays you can usually ski in the Main Street race arena since the kids have that day off from training.


Realize that parking is at Mansfield even if you are basing out os Spruce. You can take the transfer lift over and suit up at Spruce. I don't think you can leave your skis there overnight, but Midway is a good place to suit up too.


If you find yourself wanting to have a lesson while you are here, look me up!

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Any groomed run on the Mansfield side is great for cruising. Just check the snow report each morning.


Hayride, Upper Nosedive (it can get starched off up top quickly), and Main Street are you blacks that get groomed often enough for cruising.


If you drift out all the way towards Toll Road off the FourRunner, Lower Tyro, Lower Gulch, and Lower T-Line require some speed to get back to the quad.


I highly recommend you make the effort to work in first chair on the FourRunner into your plans every day. It is early, but you can avoid the crowds longer, and take advantage of the better cruising conditions.


Spruce Campe cafe is pretty nice, and should have your food preferences covered on mountain. Mansfield lodge and the Octagon atop the FourRunner might have much slimmer options.

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I forgot to mention my favorite 'nice' restaurant in town, Plate, located on Main St.

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Thank you, as far as I can tell the only overnight locker I can rent for the week is at Spruce and no boots. 

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Bump for restaurant recommendations.


Plate, Idletyme, and The Bench mentioned above all look good.  Others?

We are looking for a "nice" restaurant for the evening of Easter Sunday.

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Bistro at Ten Acres

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Originally Posted by mdf View Post

Bump for restaurant recommendations.


Plate, Idletyme, and The Bench mentioned above all look good.  Others?

We are looking for a "nice" restaurant for the evening of Easter Sunday.

The Whip in the green Mountain Inn, Michael's On The Hill between Stowe and Waterbury Center, Hen of the Wood in Waterbury, Flannel at Topnotch, Solstice at the Mountain Lodge.

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