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which skis for Utah next week

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OK, I know it's a loaded (and probably unanswerable) question, but....anyone got an opinion on whether I should bring out my MX78's for next week (1/12-1/18) in Utah?  I live in the east and they're my "regular" skis for eastern conditions.  But I have a pair of Head Rock n Rolls (95mm underfoot), which actually grip pretty well and which I prefer on fresh, soft, and crud.  I'm not sure about the current -- and into next week -- conditions.  I'm planning on bringing the Heads; any reason to bring the Kastles also?  I may not have a choice if my wife brings her skis (she has rented in the past), but I'm wondering if I will be missing 'em.

Any insight?

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Utah skier here.


Where in Utah do you plan to ski? That might help decide.


So far as DV/Park City are concerned, we've been getting little dabs of snow, 1-3 inches a day the last few days. Off piste the skied up crust isn't getting buried very deep. Bowls mostly OK. Trees still sketchy.


Cruising pretty firm, considering it's snowing. If I were going to cruise, I go with Blizzard Xpower810 TIs, or Kastle LX72s if it's a little softer. Like the quickness of the 72 underfoot.


But, I've been skiing my Brahmas all week (88 underfoot), and they've been working great. But supposed to be clear the middle of next week, with snow flurries by the weekend. Hard call.


But being an eastern skier, I bet you could eat up our "firm" snow on your Heads.


For what it's worth.

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Are you generally a lucky or unlucky individual? 

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Originally Posted by JoeUT View Post

Are you generally a lucky or unlucky individual? 

Ummmm..... now that I've looked at the long-term forecast, I might say "unlucky".  



That said, I'm wondering/concerned about what TreeLee said.  I was hoping to get off-piste (or at least off-groomed) into bowls and trees -- the kind of skiing you don't really get in the east.  But I am with my wife and she will want more groomers.  I am tentatively scheduled 1 day each Solitude, Brighton, Snowbasin or PowMow, and 2 days PCMR (daughter instructs there).  No Alta or Snowbird this trip.  

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You'll want something stable at speed and sets a good edge. No snow predicted for next week, but mountain weather is goofy and the prediction can change every day. Bring both pairs.
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OK, one last bump to the top.  I can't bring both skis; wife is bringing hers and there's no room in the bag.  I DO want to venture into whatever ungroomed/off-piste there is.  


I'm leaning very heavily towards the Heads as the more versatile -- able to carve hardpack (obviously not as well as the Kastles) but more forgiving off-groom.  


Anyone up to date on conditions in Utah want to comment?  Ski destinations listed above.

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Hello again.


Bring the Heads. Been hiking Jupiter Peak & Upper West Face at Park City last couple of days. Untracked. Wind filled & creamy, despite not much new snow. Likely the same all over the higher elevations of the Wasatch.


It's been cold & cloudy and the snow is holding up great. Here on the PC side, 6" new Friday, spitting snow off and on since then. Forecast calls for clearing, then snow flurries again starting Thursday.


You're coming to Utah. Bring your powder boards.

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Latest model runs have snow late next week starting on the 14th (Thursday and Friday), and potentially hitting again on the 17th. 

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I would bring the heads. I ski Snowbasin and there is Pow to share at the moment. If you really want to get some tree and bowl skiing in, the avalanche gates off of John Paul should be decent. No name tends to not disappoint.

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Thank you all!

See you there.

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Up the canyons it's been cold enough that it has stayed very consistent and dusty.  No problem getting an edge anywhere really.  It's mostly chopped up off-piste, but soft enough that it's still a pleasure, and still some fresh pockets to find in more out-of-the-way places.  Things can change quickly though, and the weather looks like it'll warm up a little next week.  Just keep in mind that you can always rent something if you find what you bring is inadequate.

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