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Custom chair lift swing

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Our local hill (Granite Peak Ski Area, in Wausau, WI) removed an old chair lift over the summer.  I bought some of the chairs, and built this custom chair lift swing.  I had the chair shortened by 3', and then had it stripped and powder coated along with all the hardware. The wood is red cedar, sanded with 3 coats of stain.  What do you think?



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You wanna make one for me? That's a great piece of work.

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That is totally awsome.
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Budman approves
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Actually, yes I will make you one!  I am selling them as a fundraiser for Granite Peak Ski Team (  The price is $1200, and 100% of that goes to the team (I am donating all materials/labor).  The swing will disassemble to fit on a 4x8 pallet.  I'm not sure what your shipping cost would be, probably $400-$500.  I can also do the chair/hardware powder coated in any color if you'd rather not have it in black.

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That might be the best use of an old chairlift I've seen. Love the red cedar - great job! 

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