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Potential Move and skiing [near Denver; Family Skiing questions]

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My wife and I are considering a potential move to Denver.  I am self employed and can work from anywhere and she has a pretty good opportunity for her career.  We have wanted to be near the mountains for a long time so we are excited about the possibility.  I am just trying to work through the lifestyle things now.  We love to ski and want to get my son into it as well.  He loves the snow but is only 2 and has yet to be on planks.  My question to you all is how does skiing work for you when you have little ones?  Are you stuck on bunny slopes and greens for several years?  Are there skiing clubs or groups for little kids where they can have fun with their friends while we have some fun on our own?  I know there is ski school, but I would prefer a more consistent group of kids if possible.  Anyone have any experience with this?  We want him to experience everything, but we would also like the option to enjoy ourselves from time to time!


Thanks in advance!


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We got our kids skiing early. My kids started taking lessons at five and five years later my son probably skis better than me. We started out skiing small hills and eventually started heading out west a couple years ago. Typically when we ski, we stay on the blues and greens with them. There are a couple black runs both kids will ski at our local hill but they prefer the jumps and ruts you find on easier runs. We ski the harder stuff while we put the kids in lessons. Putting the kids in lessons can be expensive but it's worth it to get in some harder skiing. Since they are both pre-teens they still ski with us but I think in a couple years they will ditch is to do what they want.
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Most areas have similar programs for kids.Areas have multi day or seasonal programs where your son would be with the same kids most of the time. The following is from the Vail web site.


The Micro Mice program is out of the Childcare & Nursery. It is for 20 months and older. They start with 30 minute lessons and equipment is provided. Since this is daycare you can ski while your son is taken care of.


In the Ski School children's group lessons start at age 3. They have one called Ultimate 4 where there are only 4 kids in an all day group lesson. Again, this leaves you free to ski all day.


Then there is the youth Development Program starting at age 8, this is for serious skiers or boarders.

The Vail description is; "The Youth Development Team is for students interested in a consistent All Mountain Skiing Program for children ages 8 (3rd Grade) - 12. The goal of the Youth Development team is to develop the ability to ski in all conditions on Vail Mountain, and use the mountain as their “playground.” Coaches will challenge students through skills and terrain selection. If your child in interested in Racing or Freestyle we offer teams with a focus in that discipline and all mountain skiing."


Living in Denver would give you the opportunity to engage you son is programs like this at almost any ski area in Colorado. If your son were to go thru a Devo program as voghan said by age 10 he would be teaching you things. Now, wouldn't that be fun?

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Thanks fellas. I found something at A basin that goes for 4 or 8 weeks and half days on Saturdays. Looks like 3 and older which would work. I'm hoping he is showing me the roped by 5! I would prefer to ski with him but I also want to see something that doesn't have a magic carpet ride in the next few years!
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I bet after four weeks he isn't on a magic carpet. Those multiple week lessons do really help them learn fast. Plus you can go ski what you want while the kid has lessons.
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Go for it and don't look back!  You'll figure out the details in due time.  

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