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Zzero 4U in frame bindings?

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Hi folks, I've inherited most of my touring gear from my father and its time for me to get my own skis. I have a pair of Zzero 4U's that I'd like to hold on to and a chance to try out a range of skis on an upcoming trip but none of the skis are mounted with tech bindings.

Will my boots work with Guardians/Tracker or Marker's Baron/Duke bindings? I've been trying to find compatibility information but it seems a bit thin on the ground. (And as a side-note: yes I would rather be using tech bindings. This is just to help me get a feel for skis to buy)


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I had those boots and IIRC I did use them w Fritschi Freeride Pro frame bindings.  Also IIRC I read they can be used with Baron/dukes but that the tech fittings could have negative effects on the binding toe bushings (probably only if used repeatedly).  That is a nice boot; PU and has a nice progressive flex; just a little heavier than the current crop of grilamind 2 buckle boots.  I used them with Dynafit 7-Summits with tech, Atomic R:EX with Fritschi, and Dynafit Manaslu with tech.  They are a little soft for alpine/lift served/downhill/onpiste but they tour well.  If you are looking for a good match to a touring ski the Cho Oyu would be ok (maybe a little overpowered, maybe not) and the Movement Shift would be great; depending on your skiing style and ability, the Volkl Nanuq would be ok (maybe a little underpowered).  Dynafit Stoke would be fine.  Lots of other choices, of course.

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Yeah I was quite happy with them when I got them. I might have gotten more out of the 4C, but tbh that green color is horrible.

The Cho Oyu looks pretty futuristic when I think back to my hand-me-down Tua Excaliburs :D

One problem for me is my backcountry partners are on the other side of the Atlantic now so I plan on doing a mix of alpine in the resort with friends and some safe backcountry day-trips on the side. I'm not trying to build a perfect single-quiver setup here, but I'd like to be versatile without costs getting out of control this year even if I pay for it in performance/weight. Do you have any recommendations along those lines?

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LOL!  I tele skied the Tua Excalibur, Excalibur Plus, and Excalibur Mito--then the Atomic R:EX and then the Volkl Snowwolf, which I still have converted to tech bindngs for summer skiing glaciers.  Not sure you would get that much more out of the green machine.  If you are a strong skier the Nanuq is one you might consider--Volkl touts it for both on piste and backcountry; it seemed pretty stable to me lift served with Mercuries and did reasonably well in chopped up and frozen conditions. It did very well in open conditions in the bc, just not the best for slow, quick turns in the pucker brush unless you have the strength to power them or the agility to smear them.  You can probably find them used in excellent condition (like mine) or try something like a Coomback or Wayback--but I haven't skied K2s in years.  IF $ were no object I'd say look at DPS but they are spendy.

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