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I would go back to the mountain where you got the "core shot" (which was likely just a slight gouge on the base of your ski based upon the description of the top sheet as "mangled" ) and demand that they provide you with a new pair of skis and a season pass for providing a skiing surface that could result in a "core shot".  If you are upset with the shop that "butchered" your skis,  you should be more upset with the horrific conditions at the mountain that was obviously negligent and resulted in the original damage to your skis.

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Think of it from the ski's perspective: top scratch?  Adds character, makes me look experienced and deserving of respect.  Core shot: you sir, are an irresponsible owner and I wish to be sold to someone that respects me IMMEDIATELY!  My lawyers will be contacting your lawyers shortly.


If you consider that scratch as shown above to be mangled, you're much too delicate for this sport.  I could make that scratch with my fingernail.

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Originally Posted by Scott43 View Post

Everybody's tolerance for this kind of stuff is variable.  It bothers me on some stuff, but not others.  Reminds me when I was riding a lift somewhere and there was a sign warning people that water drips from the lift and may put stains on your coat.  I couldn't fathom why anyone would care..  But people do apparently..  :dunno 


I had a coat ruined by getting dripped on by water- run through the grease on a sheave train. left big nasty oily dark blotches. I shrugged and the next season replaced the coat.


I could see how somebody could care if that happened to a nice new $800 top-end jacket.

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Should I have asked for a new pair? A discount on the next pair? I did buy them at the shop that butchered them. P.S. I'm quickly learning how to repair core shots along the edge. 




Have some sense of proportion. You've already damaged your skis far, far worse by coreshotting them. 


A free tune sounds like they already heard your concerns and responded accordingly. 


"Horrific" and "butchered" don't exactly jive with 


 I didn't notice this until I got home. 


Come on now. I'm not saying you should be happy that they scratched the topsheet of a ski, but you will do (and have already done) far worse over the course of a single season.


It won't detract from the value of your used, coreshot skis. It won't be noticeable at all in the snow or anywhere else, really. You didn't buy the skis to stick them in a museum, you bought them to use them up, so go use them and take the free tune.

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Personally, I would shrug it off.  I don't have a single pair that I haven't done far more damage to myself.  But I also don't let people I don't trust work on my gear.  I found a local ski builder who know's his stuff, is passionate about what he does, and is simply one of the best folks you could know.  He is the only person who does work on my planks.  I've never been disappointed, but I also know that if I were he'd make sure I was pleased with the final outcome.  Unfortunately, finding such a person can take trial-and-error.

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If you ski enough, it will be the first of many dings, but it's the bases that matter, the top sheet is usually covered with snow. If it really bothers you, put a sticker over it. That's what stickers and duct tape are for.  Maybe something like


;);) ;) 





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I would just buy a red marker and colour in the white line (except where it goes over the white letters) and be done with it. Won't be perfect but you would barely notice it.

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