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Atomic problem

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I purchased a pair of Livefit 130 last year and have a problem with the heel lugs; they are showing abnormal wear after only about 10 ski days. The dealer directed me to ATOMIC.
BUT, Atomic has not answered 4 email requests. Does anyone know of a regional office or Rep I can contact? thx
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Heel lugs? Meaning the part you're walking on? Or where the binding secured the ski?

It looks like the sole is one of those rubber ones you've got to baby? They make it easier to walk, but are not for any parking lot I've ever used. I'd have cat tracks on them if I had that type of sole.

Normally the dealer contacts the factory rep around here. But if it's from walking across the parking lot, then I'm thinking he's staying out of it.
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yes, the heels. I use yaktrax too. but, there are a few times when the walk is too short. but after only 10 days, I would think Atomic would be interested. apparently not.
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Order some replacement  soles. 

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I've had no luck dealing direct with any major ski gear maker--they don't want to deal with customers. If I need parts I always go to the shop. If the shop won't help you get new heel pads maybe they can at least hook you up with the local rep. Don't expect to warranty the soles but you should be able to get parts, at least for a while.


The main reason to buy from a shop is customer service when you need to warranty, get parts, etc. If the shop you bought them from won't help you  find the heel pads they need to lose your business. If you bought the boots cheap on line then good luck.

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If you bought these from a shop, they should be the ones to contact Atomic.  I can almost guarantee that if you were our customer we'd have new blocks on order right now.  

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