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Fist "race"-like GS equipment

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Halo! I am 24 years old, 78kg, 193cm. I am a good skier with more than 15 years of experience. If I have to honestly rate myself, I would give 8/10 for skill, 8/10 endurance, 6-7/technique (10/10 being best non-professional riders). The last 4 years, I was skiing with 176cm all mountain skies. Shockingly my past ski boots have only 65 flex index.


I want to buy a new pair very soon. I thought about it and am aiming for race skies. Grand Slalom type of riding, with top speeds around 70-100km/h is what makes me happy. I pretty much liked (considering appearance and brand) the new Fischer Worldcup rc4 rc pro 2015/2016 skies. I love Fischer, love their looks, and they are "cheat skies" : they don t follow the FIS regulations, but still try to bring the sporty feel, while making the ride less stiffer.

I want to buy race skies, because I felt I used my last pairs to the reasonable maximum, don't like off-piste. I am not sure if buying race skies will boost my riding or make me feel unsure or unsafe. I don t know which pair to choose: 175 or 180cm. I believe 185 is too much for me. I am considering 175 because I am only 78kg.


Second: How flex do I need my boots to be, so they can be softer as possible, but at the same time hard enough to combine with the race skies. Of course Fisher recommends 140 flex index, but I am aiming for 110. Am I right? Give me some advice? If I get some 130, which is my maximum, wont my feet be dead after 20-30min?


Give me all advises you can! Thanks and have a great 2016!

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Forget about skis, you need new boots. To get those, you need to see a good bootfitter. They will put you in the right boot. 

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If you want have a top speed of 70-100 kmh and able to ski for real at those speeds, you need something "more" then a a cheater GS ski, becouse you cant really make good turns at those speeds. Last season, I measured my ski speed with a gps app in my phone.

I have tons of skis, from 185 cm cheater gs with a radies of 20, to race gs skies with up to 29 meters radius.


If you want to ski at like 65 kmh and really create angeles, you need like 24 meters of radiues. 


One suggestion might be to buy one or a few old race GS skies. Pay like 150 dollars per or something like that. 


For the same price of one new fischer ski, you can buy 4 real gs skis, with different radius.


FIS skis from like 2001-2006 usually have a radius of 24-26 meters, but 29 and as low as 21 is also possible to find. Becouse of leanth, your feets are probobly big, which makes it harder to buy a womes gs race ski. Race bindings are less adjustible and sometimes you have to drill new holes for the plates. So be aware of that when looking at used race skies.


My favorite ski as a Fischer gs, 188 cm, 24 m. Try to find a ski similar to that, or with even lower radius.




110 can work just fine. Im 85 kg, and I skied on a 110 flex boot for 8 years before I switched to a fischer vacuum 130(non race). I ski better on the 130 vacuum. 


If you are looking at boots, lok at the boots just below race. And be aware of the boots angeles. Lots of bootfitters and salespeople are not awere of what angeles is requered of a boot to ski race skis(and cheater gs skies) becouse most of them are ofpist orriented:P 




And buy boostertraps. The one below wc, I think it is called expert, the one  with 3 rubber bands. Do you have a sole made for your feets right now? maby a boosterstrap and a race ski with like 21-24 meters is all you need.

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Originally Posted by freeski919 View Post

Forget about skis, you need new boots. To get those, you need to see a good bootfitter. They will put you in the right boot. 

Absolutely.  Get new boots first.

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I think you would do well to get 110 Flex boots fitted to your feet by a good boot fitter, and adjusted to your typical skiing stance and body alignment. 


What Thion said about needing race skis to make "good" high speed turns is true; you need a longer radius to be able to rail turns at high speeds with big edge angles. HOWEVER, the cheater GS skis will be perfectly well behaved at high speeds (the just won't cut as clean a groove in the hardpack and the "carved" turns on smooth corduroy won't be as pure and for bumpy turns the race skis will be bouncing around a bit less-just watch some GS video and you will see what happens when snow is not perfectly groomed), and you will likely find the radius and stiffness of the Fischer RC4 RC more versatile, a better compromise and introduction to race-like skis.  For 2015/16 they also have an RC4 RC PRO with the "race booster plate" as a step up.


Go for a 180 cm length;  These speeds and turn radius feel better with the longer length, even if you weigh less (provided you are skiing fast and it isn't glare ice), I currently weigh 74 kg, and have experimented on skis with weights from 68 to 86 kg (for science :D ).


Provided the boots fit right and are aligned right you can wear very stiff race boots all day long pain free and enjoy it.   (before I got my race boots dialed in I wore them all day long with pain and enjoyed it!)

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