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Are my G3 skins too short?

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Just received new skins for my Atomic Vantage 85 CTI's, 181cm. Before trimming them, I noticed they look too short. They are G3 Alpinist mediums which are listed to go up to a 184cm ski, but there is 24cm of the tail of the ski uncovered. What do people think - is it ok and won't make too much difference or should I size up to the large? If I go large, will they be to long and too much slack etc? (The large is listed as for skis from 184-199). Here's some pics.

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Far shorter than I would use. Tip looks strange too, compared to past G3s I've had.  My hooks were always further down on the shoulders of the shovel.  That is also an extremely tapered tail on the skin.  Weird.


I checked G3s site; that seems to be their new design; the page cover photo shows lots of bare tail on the ski; the write-up states a new design that fits a wider range of skis.

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Mine are a different manufacturer, but they run full length. Weird.

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If it were me, I would go to a longer skin.  

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I don't know what the OP did about this; but I just read some stuff about "bikini cut" skins that Volkl is pushing for their VTA skis.  The skins are radically tapered at tip and tail to save about 20% of the skin weight while maintaining good traction (and are mohair for good glide).

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