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Military Deals for Skiing

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UPDATE: Where possible I have linked the resort's page detailing their military programs. I will update this post as I get more info


I have been meaning to do this for a while and with my upcoming PCS I have found myself with some time. We get quite a few military folks looking for advice on skiing and there are some killer deals out there if you know about them. So without further delay:


The first and best place to look for deals in general is at the local base Outdoor Rec Center, they will know about most of the local deals at all the mountains and often sell tickets there. They are also super cheap to rent from with package deals that are usually around $20 a day for everything. They usually have standard rental fleet equipment, nothing high end but every once in a while you will find one that has better stuff. They also organize trips that can be ridiculously cheap. Last year I visited my friend at Fairchild AFB and we did a trip to Schweitzer for $45 we

got two days of lift tickets, two nights at a hotel, transportation for the weekend and rentals. Most bases close to ski resorts will have free skiing days or something similar.   


Here are more specific deals I know of for resorts:


For most of these Active Duty includes Reservists and National Guard but call/check their website to make sure 



Smuggler's Notch offers a $39/day three mountain ticket during the midweek


Whiteface has a 35% discount off the day's lift ticket price


Sunday River offers $10 off the regular season day rate and has specific days with special pricing.


Colorado Resorts:


Vail Resorts offers active duty military lift tickets for $80/day to most resorts (a few are cheaper). Retired are $90/day

They also offer the Liberty Pass which is unlimited skiing at Keystone and Abasin for $239. This must be purchased at an Air Force base


Copper and Winter Park offer discounted season passes. There is also the Patriot Pass that includes both resorts (part of the WP link). The passes also come with days at a number of other resorts. Copper and Winter Park did offer discounted day tickets but I can no longer find the rates on their websites.


Monarch offers a season pass for $199 and it does qualify for the exchange rates.


Wolf Creek offers discounted lift tickets for $43/day.


New Mexico:


Taos Ski Valley offers a $350 season pass to military and has a discounted day rate of $72/day. The season pass does not qualify for the exchange days. They also do a military appreciation weekend every year with $25/day tickets.


Sipapu is free for military most days. Major holidays and the spring break period they are not offered


Ski Santa Fe offers a discounted rate of $60/day




Perhaps the most ridiculous deal out there is Squaw/Alpine Meadows offering military a silver level season pass for a $25 donation to their Military to the Mountains program. It's a program that brings disabled veterans to Squaw to learn adaptive. It is just kicking off this year and looks to be a fabulous program that deserves donations on it's own merits.


Mt. Rose offers a discounted rate of $54/day


Homewood offers free military tickets on non-peak days and a 50% discount on peak days


Heavenly and Northstar offer the same rates as Breck, Vail and Beaver Creek. Follow the Vail link above for more info.




There are too many mountains out there for me to know them all so leave a post if it's not listed here or send me a PM and I'll do what I can to find out. If you know of a discount feel free to make a post adding it.     

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Military members and their dependents get 50% off here. Since we're pretty cheap to begin with, that's just $36.50.

More discounts:

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Great idea for a thread! 


Powder Mountain has $48/day military lift tickets. It also has a military season pass. 


Better yet, here's Ski Utah's chart of military and senior day ticket info for all Utah resorts:


Alta Ski Area Military Day Ticket
Senior Day Ticket
80yr+/ FREE
Beaver Mountain Military Day Ticket
Senior Day Ticket
65yr+/ $38
Brighton Military Day Ticket
Senior Day Ticket
Brian Head Military Day Ticket
10% off Full Adult
Senior Day Ticket
65yr+/ $39
Cherry Peak Military Day Ticket
Senior Day Ticket
65yr+/ $38
Deer Valley Military Day Ticket
Senior Day Ticket
65yr+/ $85
Eagle Point Military Day Ticket
Senior Day Ticket
Nordic Valley Military Day Ticket
Senior Day Ticket
Powder Mountain Military Day Ticket
Senior Day Ticket
62-74yr/ $55 | 75+/ FREE
Park City Military Day Ticket
Senior Day Ticket
65yr+/ $59
Snowbasin Military Day Ticket
Senior Day Ticket
Snowbird Military Day Ticket
Senior Day Ticket
Solitude Military Day Ticket
Senior Day Ticket
70yr+/ $55
Sundance Military Day Ticket
Senior Day Ticket
65yr+/ $21
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Even small places have military discounts.  Massanutten in VA does a special day in late season too.  Many military families drive over from DC or Norfolk.


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Does anyone know of places that have military discounts for Department of Defense civilians? I know that Crested Butte still does. From their website: "Valid for active military, retired military, their legal dependents and Department of Defense employees." A couple of years ago it was only 50 bucks for adults and 25 bucks for kids. Our family of 4 could ski for $150 bucks for a day. It looks like they've upped it a bit since then to $190, but still a great deal.


I have guys that I work with that use their civilian CAC cards to get the military discount, but I think that is pretty shady.

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Originally Posted by ksampson3 View Post

Does anyone know of places that have military discounts for Department of Defense civilians? I know that Crested Butte still does. From their website: "Valid for active military, retired military, their legal dependents and Department of Defense employees." A couple of years ago it was only 50 bucks for adults and 25 bucks for kids. Our family of 4 could ski for $150 bucks for a day. It looks like they've upped it a bit since then to $190, but still a great deal.

I have guys that I work with that use their civilian CAC cards to get the military discount, but I think that is pretty shady.

A lot of them simply require a current CaC if you read the fine print rather then stating you must be active duty. I think the intent is often to include DoD personnel. For instance, the $25 pass at squaw, the website only says active duty military but if you watch the promotional video they released the CEO says active duty military and members of the DoD.
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Updated the top post to make it more readable and add a few resorts.

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Sugar has decent military discounts and also extends them to the families of military..


Military Discounts


2015-2016 Season
Military Slope/Lift Ticket Prices
  Full Day Half Day Twilight Night
Monday – Friday 26 20 26 19
Saturday & Holiday 51 40 51 28
Sunday 51 40 51 19



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Killington in Vermont will give you a free Express Card which gets 50% off midweek and 25% off weekends and holidays.

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Perfect North offers a $35 lift ticket for active duty military.
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Years back, I learned to ski at Mad River Mountain when Wright-Patt closed down for snow days.  It was $5 for lift ticket, rental, group lesson (which was private most times).  You can point your tips straight down hill, but I learned to turn.  It looks like they still have a similar deal.



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December 06, 2016

Don Peters II






Honoring Military Families during the Taos Ski Valley “Not Forgotten Outreach Appreciation Week”

Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico - Since 2014 Taos Ski Valley (TSV) & Not Forgotten Outreach, Inc. (NFO) has been providing Military Families an affordable ski vacation.  The Appreciation Ski Week is a Free event, Taos Ski Valley would like to thank the men and women and Families of the Armed Services. The 4th Annual Not Forgotten Outreach Week will be held from January 17th - 22nd, 2017. We would like to invite active duty military, Gold Star families, veterans and any family member with a military ID to come ski for $30/day. Free rentals and discounted group ski and snowboard lessons will also be available for all active duty military, Gold Star families, veterans and immediate family members.    In 2016, there were over 1,500 Military Family attendees, this year TSV & NFO expect to Host over 3,000 Military Families!

NFO, a local non-profit, brings Military Families together at Taos Ski Valley, from all over the US for an experience filled with fun activities on & off the Ski Mountains.  Military Families hit the slopes with loved ones and Military friends at a Ski Resort started by a WWII Veteran, Ernie Blake.  It’s a perfect opportunity to improve relationships and at the same time enhance personal well-being.

Not Forgotten Outreach is pleased to provide adaptive inclusive recreation for the Military Family, NFO is offering ten (10) scholarships for Adaptive Skiers and their Families. On Thursday & Saturday night at 5:00 pm NFO will host a FREE “Appreciation Dinner” for 200 Military Families each night.

Lodging discounts to Military Families are graciously being offered by: El Monte Sangrado, El Pueblo Lodge, Edelweiss Lodge, Alpenglow Chalet, Hampton Inn Taos, El Camino Lodge and Kachina Lodge.  Both the El Pueblo Lodge, owned by an Air Force Mom, and Amizette Inn, started by a Korean War Veteran, families honor their soldiers during this Military Family Appreciation week.

To improve “Mindfulness” and relationships, NFO is proud to have partnered with the Department of Veteran Affairs Care Management & Social work Services; to offer intimacy training by Nicole Jasmine Johnson, MSW, MA, LCSW.  This intimacy training will provide desperately needed guidance to Military Couples, in how to adjust their personal relationship aspirations when dealing with a wounded warrior, either physically or cognitively injuries, enabling them to learn a “new norm” of intimacy in their changed relationships.  Classes will be held each morning at 10am and afternoons at 3pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

NFO has also partnered with “Connected Warriors” to provide evidence based Trauma-Conscious yoga therapy programs for Service members, Veterans and their Families every morning of the event at 9am.

One of the 2017 adaptive scholarship recipients’ Caregiver expressed these thoughts on the Appreciation week A lot of our time is spent going back and forth to the VA two to three times a week, which is over an hour away from us and is an all-day event. It can be exhausting and stressful but we do it because he needs to. It would be great to be able to spend family time together as it seems there is less of due to the busyness of life and appointments.



I would love to be able to take Ed, myself and our daughter on this trip to be able to get a great family experience with lots of memories, as well as our daughter being able to see her dad ski and do the things that he used to do, just as any other dad who isn't disabled. Ed would not only enjoy doing these things again but it would also be great therapy for him! Another benefit to this event for Ed is the comradery. It means so much to him to be able to be around his Brothers again, socialize with them and meet more of his Brothers and families. You can see a big difference in him when he is around other Veterans. He gets more talkative and happier.

That alone is a great therapy for Ed as it really touches him.”


TSV Resort Deals & Discounts January 17th - 22nd, 2017 :  Eligibility:  Active Duty, National Guard, Reservist, Veteran, Family members and Gold Star Families and their Families with military ID or other identification


Ø $30.00 All Day Lift Tickets   &   Free Ski & Snowboard Rentals



Children Center ***

Full Day


JE1, JE2, JE3 &  Childcare

Children Center ***

Half Day


JE1, JE2, JE3 &  Childcare

Adult Snowsports

First Experience


Lift ticket included

Adult Snowsports



Lift ticket included

Adult Snowsports

Group Lesson


Lift ticket NOT included

*** Pre-Registrar w/ TSV Children Center  * No Discounts for Private Lesson

Adaptive Lessons

Fill out and submit participant packet www.skitaos.com



TSV Created a Ski Vacation Affordable to the Military, Veterans & Family

Regular Prices

NFO Prices

Savings a Day!

Military Family of Four




Military Family of Three




Military Couple




Single - Soldier





Join us for this Not Forgotten Outreach Free Event

January 17th - 22nd, 2017


And broaden the experience.

There’s also plenty to do when participants aren’t on the slopes.

       Thursday Dinner for 200 Military Families (Register @ NFO Booth Day of Arrival)

       Saturday Dinner for 200 Military Families (Register @ NFO Booth Day of Arrival)

       Live Music & DJ’s

       Non-Ski Events: Tubing, Sled Hockey




       Free Hot Drinks and Snacks @ the Base (Tuesday – Sunday 0900 – 1500)

       Inter-Service Branch Races: Thursday – Saturday 1000 – 1400

       Group Photo Wednesday & Saturday at NOON

       Yoga every Morning at 0900

       Self Defense Saturday at 1500

       Intimacy Training Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 10:00 & 1500


Volunteers deliver untiring encouragement and friendship


A devoted force of volunteers and specialized ski instructors offer one-on-one instruction, untiring encouragement, and loyal friendship. This bonding and mentorship are critical to the therapeutic value of the event.  Using a volunteer team, Not Forgotten Outreach creates a week of events to connect the children and surviving spouses of the fallen, Active Duty & Veterans with others going through the same experience. The Military Families who attend our annual events walk away knowing they are not alone, and that we honor the sacrifice the Military Members made while serving our country. Want to Help  https://www.volunteermatters.net/vm/SelfRegister.do?owner=notforgottenoutreach



About Taos Ski Valley


Located in northern New Mexico, Taos is one of North America’s premier ski and snowboard destinations, with more than 305 inches of average annual snowfall and more than 110 trails. Taos has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, spectacular scenery, and amazing terrain, truly making it a world of its own. To learn more about Taos Ski Valley, please visit www.skitaos.com.


About Not Forgotten Outreach, Inc.


Not Forgotten Outreach, Inc. a 501(c)(3) is dedicated to motivating Military, Veterans & their Families and Gold Star families of fallen heroes to participate in recreational and/or therapeutic activities in order to facilitate the healing process.  NFO provides opportunities to improve relationships, build comradeship and at the same time enhances “Mindfulness” and personal well-being. Serving over 3,600 Military Families in 2016. Further Questions, Sponsorship Opportunities please contact Don Peters, don@notforgottenoutreach.org (575) 224-1503. 


CFC Approved Charity #45291



Thank you Taos Ski Valley for their Continued Support of Military Families 

 All Not Forgotten Outreach events are alcohol & drug free



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Thanks for the info ^^ I went last year and it's a great program. I highly encourage anyone who is able to to attend. 

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Inquired at Big Sky, I would suspect that all the Boyne ski areas would follow the same plan Very good for those at Joint Base Lewis/McCord. Here is their reply:


At Big Sky Resort, we offer $10 off the window rate for active military members. We also have an event coming up called Military Weekend, https://bigskyresort.com/things-to-do/events-calendar/2016/december/military-appreciation.

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Horrid deal. $10??? So, $109 regular season? $38 here. Crazy.
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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

Horrid deal. $10??? So, $109 regular season? $38 here. Crazy.

Crystal Mt, WA regular $79.00 so $69.00 military

Snoqualmie Summit/Alpental regular $69.00 Military $58.00 plus a 10% food discount. http://www.summitatsnoqualmie.com/tickets-and-passes/military


That isn't bad considering they are day range resorts for a LOT of military from all the branches.

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