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Fischer Motive 95 – 174 or 180?

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I think about getting a pair of Fischer Motive 95Ti skis and I’m torn between 174cm and 180cm.

I’m 5’9”, 165lbs, upper intermediate.

It would be both for the east coast and a main ski for west coast trips (together with Atomic Automatic 109 182cm for powder days).

For comparison:

I used to ski Motive 86Ti 175cm and would not want anything longer (no shorter either) but 95Ti is softer, more tip rocker and the mount point is more forward (if I get 174 will mount 0.5” back of the line).

I tried Nordica Enforcer in 177cm and it was just right, not too long at all, I think I could even take 2cm more.

Atomic Vantage 90CTI 176cm wasn’t too long either, so easy to ski – if anything I would take it 2-3cm longer.

Dynastar PowerTrack 89 in 179cm felt maybe 2cm too long but it was on hard pack/ice not on the soft snow.

Blizzard Bonafide 173cm felt a bit too short.

Elan Alu 888 177cm (no rocker) – good everywhere but was too much for me in moguls.

I think I like all mounting skis with tip rocker to be around 177cm long and it is exactly between sizes of Motive 95.

What do suggest?

Thank you.

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I had this same question and from what I've read the answers are all over the place. I think it comes down to the type of skiier your are, charger, groomed, bumps, trees, etc. a bit more maneuverability vs a bit more stability at speed. I think it's that close. I also read another thread about how much of a difference 5 cm's makes in a ski length and some believe it doesn't until you get to 10 cm's.


But then again I'm just reading stuff just, anyone have a real world suggestion would be great.


I just ordered it the Motives 95 in 180, longest ski I have but most rocker too, great deal though. We'll see.

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You're an inch taller and 20 lbs lighter than me.  I ski the 174 and I can ski fast enough on it to scare myself (for reference, I'm a gold level in Nastar). Works great in bumps, even rock-hard Pocono ones, haven't had it in deep powder but since I have skied knee deep on 79 width skis, I think they'll work OK  LOL

My bindings are mounted in standard position.  

The only condition that these skis have been less than optimal is spring heavy mush.  

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I'm 5'9" and 145, advanced skier, ski in Colorado. I bought and love this ski in the 174 length.


They can be skied very fast and are stable in any condition I find. I can dive into tight tree's and if I stay centered and out of the back seat I can dart around with confidence. And they do a great job dropping into steep bowls and skiing manky snow. They are a bit wide for tight bumps but are good enough that I have fun chasing my buds through mogul fields.


In general a great ski and my bet is you can make either length work. For me, the choice of the 174 was for a bit more quickness in tight conditions, given that they are stable enough in big open terrain and I spend a lot of time in tighter places. Can you demo both lengths?

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See you all on that other site. Long live the Epic Ski community!!!

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