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Help me understand the EPIC SKI PASS

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I am thinking about visiting Colorado Feb 2017 staying around 22 days and skiing about 15 to 17 days. My creaky old knees need a rest some of the time. 


I am quite willing to buy a pass in advance. How do I know when the 2016/2017 passes are available? Is the cutoff day when they stop selling them published beforehand. 


It looks like the Epic local pass might work but the restriction on Vail and Beaver has me confused is that 10 days at Beaver AND 10 days at Vail or 10 days split between Beaver and Vail. I guess the blackout days will be the Presidents Day weekend.


I suppose 10 days split between Vail and Beaver 2 days at Abasin coming and going plus 3 days at Breckwould not be too hard to take. 


What is the likely price difference between the full Epic pass and the local one? Is there any other pass that would work for me. I have skied the area before and my favourites are Beaver Breck and Steamboat with Abasin close behind. 


Now comes the crunch question. Do I have to pick up the pass in person in advance? You see I live on a sailboat in the Eastern Caribbean. [ Yeah I know it is tough but someone has to do it ] or can I buy on line and get it sent to me or do I pick it up at the lift office in an Epic resort on the first day I use it?

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Epicpass will go on sale end of march/april and will cut off in nov/early December. They will indicate when pass sales will end, however vail often tend to extend sales end date.

So you will know at least how long into nov they will sell for, but not the exact end date.
The price will not increase drastically but after sales end they end. You also get buddypasses as the main benefit if you buy early.

The epic local is 10days total at the restricted resorts plus blackouts and will be 570 or so.

The full epic will be around $200 more,$770 or so, so for example this means you plan to ski at least 3to4 days of blackout or excess of the 10day limit to breakeven. (You get halfprice of $130 to $150 window tickets when you've exceeded your pass.)
The full epic also has the international partnership access if you plan on using that

You can buy online and pick up your pass first day on the mtn as long as its at a vail resort and not a partner resort giving access (abasin). You can also get it by usps mail. I think getting it first day probably is the safest option.
Also,you can call them if you need to ask them any questions.

As far as other passes, if you intend to ski vail resorts that much that is the pass to get. Many skiers get some form of the epic pass plus some form of another pass or lift ticket bundle to mix things up
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You are also able to pay a $50 down payment in that March/May timeframe and get auto-debited the remainder in Sept-ish. That guarantees the lowest price for your choice of product. That is also the only time to purchase pass protection, which is the only way to get a refund, and then only for a legit reason. I changed my mind does not count as legit.

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For the downpayment option, to clarify,if you read the contract carefully you are still liable for the full purchase if you only do the down payment.
That option is not legally worded as a way to exit your commitment to buy the pass if you change your mind over the summer. But if they enforce or if they go after you I have no idea.

Pass protection is also a different story. Read thst contract carefully so you understand what it means and what exactly what insurance you are buying

I suggest after reading if you have questions you call to hear from the horse's mouth if you intend to use these options.
The people on the phone can also do other things you can't do online or sell you right there as needed such as changing your purchase from a epic local to a fullepic
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Thank you all for enlightening me. 


Looks like the way to go for me is to buy the Epic [local] online in October and pick it up at Keystone on the first day then. 


Get my days in at Vail and Beaver before slumming it at Breck. Gosh that will tough.

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sounds good.  October will be perhaps $20-$50 more expensive as compared to if you wanted to buy it when it first goes on sale,  But it won't be as bad as if you miss buying the pass altogether.

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