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What shell is this?

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I fit like a 26.5 Tecnica Mach1 MV in forefoot and length (everything basically). BUT....have the heel hold/pocket of my Nordica Patron Pro's? (size 27.5).


I have a pretty meaty foot (not fat - just deep front to back) when it comes to the heel to second buckle down area w/ respect to front to back (basically if you took a tap and wrapped from heel bone across the second buckle area and back)


My Patron Pro's at 27.5's (315) are ok, but are maybe a tad long. Since they are 27.5 and the 26.5 is the reference for 98mm last, so the 27.5 would be a 100mm, right?  which let to the paragraph below:

Bootfitter recommended the MV Tecnica Mach1's in 26.5 - since Im basically between 27.5 and 26.5 for shells - since the MV would be 100 last and they run a little long. He didn't have any to try on at the time - so I have a pair on my feet now and everything is great with the exception of the heel pocket in the shell - it looks and feels a bit more roomy than that 27.5 Patron Pros.

I'm using Zipfit Gara liners. (27.5 - which fit no problem in the 26.5s Mach1's).  Also, think the shell fit on the Patrons is "acceptable" (don't recall the number as everyone puts me in a 27.5 after the shell fit) like maybe 10-13mm?


According to the writing on the bottom of my insoles - left foot is 284/103 and right is 287/104 (seems right as the right foot is definately longer).  But do those #'s seem right?  I dont have a metric ruler to measure.

Boots ive had:

Salomon Falcon 27.5 - crushed instep, like bad - lost in a move anyway.

Lange RX130 LV 27.5  (orange ones)  - just too big volume wise.

Nordica Paton Pro 27.5 (pretty good actually last 3 seasons)


Boot Shells ive tried on:

all ove the above (newer versions)

Head Raptor (Freeride model - cant remember the name - felt ok)


Would love to find that Holy Grail shell - if it exists.  Nothing urgent, just some direction perhaps


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Try the LV technica?

or a nordica, in 26 shell, in a 97-100mm?

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^ thanks 


forgot to mention a pretty significant styloid grind on 27.5 Patron Pros - Assume that could be handlled in a 26.5, if the length was close?

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punch or girnd avail in ANY boot.

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