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Marker piston plate on Volkl Racetiger GS

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Hello, this summer I bought a pair of volkl racetiger GS Fis ski, 183cm 23m radius with a marker plate and Comp 20 bindings

I see that a screw in the heel part is not mounted, leaving a little bit of float behind the binding, and this corresponds to the GS mounting in the plate manual.

My doubt is about the piston, i haven't managed to move that piston in any direction, how is it supposed to work?
I tried bending the ski both ways and the piston seems static.
If you remove some screws the whole mechanism becomes unlocked and you gain a dumping effect from the piston's motion?

If someone knows how it works can you please enlighten me?

Also they have 2 lifter plates under the toe binding and 1 lifter plate under the heel binding, having a toe lift of 45mm and a heel lift of 46mm,measured between the boot soles and the base of the ski that touches the snow
I'm planning on removing a lifter plate from the toe to see if there's a difference and i would like ro have the dampening effect of the piston

This last photo is from an ebay post, it shows the underside, but I think it's broken on the side
Mine are very clean, and from my measurements they are 14mm in front of the toe binding

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it looks like the whole plastic cover is rigid, i don't see how that piston could move

i guess the whole mounting glides to the front on the rebound fase, judging by the metal side edges that are placed under the boot, but that also seems unlikely because some vertical screws might go all the way inside the ski material locking the entire thing into place


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does anyone have a pdf manual of the marker plate ?

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i found the marker service manual, if someone is interested, pm me


i still didn't get the hang of the workings of the piston plate, usually a "suspension system" implies the use of a coil spring assisted by a damper.

this plate does not have a spring, but probably the spring is consisted of the ski bound and rebound motion, because obviously a set of screws holds the base of the plate against the skis, and another set of screws and bushings holds the bindings to the plate, and the whole plate glides assisted by that piston, linked to the arching of the skis during turns


but as i can see from the pictures, if it's not set up correctly, the piston plate can have a back and forth uncontrolled motion.


a marker technician told me that no matter the setup of the bushings, the plate will have a small degree of motion

if only gliding bushings are used, the plate has a larger degree of motion.

that is the thing i still don't understand, too bad there isn't a youtube marketing video on that feature.


all being said and read, everyone says that this piston plate is truly revolutionary and i hope it holds a better grip on snow in comparison with a standard lifter plate other brands use, i can't wait to test it on snow :)

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Are there any other brands besides Blizzard, Nordica, Volkl that have the Marker Comp bindings?

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