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Moxie Benefit Ski Collection Liquidation Auction

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Hello all Skiers and Collectors!

Moxie, my 8 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, had emergency surgery on New Years eve to repair a torn ligament in his spine along with a hemilaminectomy on his T12-T13 disks and removal of chronic herniations on 5 other disks. This came on very suddenly and my 90mph dog went to barely walking in 24 hours. Luckily we were able to get him the right care quick enough that he is expected to make a full recovery in 8-10 weeks. We finally were able to bring Moxie home from the Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston tonight and he was wagging his tail as he entered the house and found his bed and a place to lay out and relax.

The road to recovery will be long, but we are just so thankful that the problem was something that could be repaired and that his rabbit and squirrel hunting lifestyle will only be on hiatus for 2 months. However, the cost was just north of $6200, COD. So to pay back all those who were so generous in helping me to get the money we needed to save Moxie, I have decided to sell off my collection, memorabilia, and ski gear to help cover the cost.

Here is the plan: 7 day silent auction of everything in the body of this thread and on the attached PDF spreadsheet. PM me your bid and what it is you want, and next Monday, January 10, 2016 I will notify the highest bidder and organize the shipping. I am doing this here and on Epicski.com to reach the most viewers and because I would rather not see it lost on ebay or CL. I also chose the auction format because, other than a few items of real value, the retro stuff is only worth what it is worth to you. (freight too)

What do I have: TREASURES OFCOURSE!! Those who know me have seen the multitude of posts of retro and vintage gear that I have amassed over the past decade or so. I have found, trash picked, bought, traded and stalked most of these items, many of which have come from the great members of Epicski.com and Pugski.com. Also listed is some vintage clothing, binding jigs, and even my current daily drivers. The Excel sheet is the entire collection, but listed below is the cream of the crop and is more accurately described. If you have questions about anything, just ask and I will promptly respond. I have posted pictures of most of this stuff, so look at the pictures on my profile both here and at Epic.

A final request: I am happy to do anything for Moxie and this is the closest to a rainy day fund I have. I hope to one day resume my hunt for the retro gear, and in that vein, I would like to request right of first refusal on a few items if you ever decide to sell or trade your purchase. This is a passion of mine, it is just on hold for a while. (and the Spalding buyers, call it a low interest loan. You will be my first calls when I am up and running again.)


The Epicski community is where I discovered there are other retro ski nuts like me who have such insane collections and vast knowledge about the sport I love. What started out as the hunt for a pair of Sideral's (which I never found!) became a treasure hunt to keep up with the likes og @royal and @rossi smash!  Without the help and guidance from all the members of the Epicski community, none of this would have been possible.


As I wrap it up, Moxie is doing his best to get up and let me know that it is time to go out and pee one more time before bed.
I will be posting glamour shots of Moxie as well as photos on the road to recovery.

I Thank you all for your friendship and support.IMG_0986.JPG

Undrilled and NOS
Fischer Superglass RSL 210 red/white (thanks @cantunamunch)
Fischer RC4 Vacuum RS 200 "McClaren" supercars? white/red
Spalding Alfa 120 180cm
Hart F17 1997 model 195
Hart Javelin Ti REPRO 198
Head Radial Electra Twaron 200
Diawa GLM 1500 kids 130

Downhill and Super G
Volkl Renn Tiger 1975 DH 220 (nearly new)
Fischer ALU 223 DH
Fischer RC4 DH R40 212
Blizzard Thermo DH 223 white/pink
Spalding Squadra Corse SG 212
Rossignol Strato 215cm
Blizzard Olympic Firebird DH 215 Silver/red (thanks @Royal)
DH SG.jpg

The Best Stuff I have put a lot of work into the following group of skis. All base and epoxy work if needed, Stone grind with double diagonal structure, sharpen, de-tune, hot wax and brush. These are all mounted to a 323mm boot. The tunes are worth more than the skis :bigeyes:
Olin MK V 200
Olin Extreme Comp 200
Fischer Imperator 205
Dynastar Omeglass 200 (thanks @bob in carmel)
Spalding Starboard 210
Dynastar S430 210
Dynastar Course GS 207
Dynastar Vertical 200
Dynastar Course SL 200
Kastle CPM Grand Prix 205 NOS Mounted by me
K2 Three 204 no yellowing
Lange LC 204
Fresh Grinds 1.jpg
Volkl P40 FI 183
Fischer RC4 RSL 200
HExcel Sundance 203
HExcel Competition 200
HExcel Splittail 200
Fischer C4 cut 66 200
Rosignol Strato 102 200
Kastle Ice 195
Rossignol ST 650 200
Fresh grinds 2.jpg
Bomber Stealth 176 (my daily drivers...Awesome)
Atomic Super RS Bionic 215
Dynamic VR17 SL 207
Lange Banshee 207 (The only retro ski I have tried out of all the fresh grind skis) AWESOME
Dynastar Course GS 200
Dynamic VR27 Geant 207
Fresh grinds 3.jpg


Kastle K2.jpg

One of the Piles
Pile 1.jpg

The above mentioned and the rest is on the following attached PDF

****I tried to limit the Errors, but there is a chance that I have made 1 or 2, so ask questions***


SkiList1-2-16PDF.pdf 285k .pdf file

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Thank you all for the outpouring of support for Moxie. Today he seemed to turn a corner, he was more energetic on out little walks, nearly tugging on the leash. His gait has shown a little improvement, but the return of his cheerful attitude means the world to us. 
Being riddled with ADD, I may have been a little forgetful and sketchy when it came to the details. So I will answer all questions and make additions and clarifications if necessary. My ski "fun money" account, now the Moxie account is my email: lowellwatson@hotmail.com    
Again, thank you all for the support and well wishes for Moxie. PLEASE do bid on the stuff in the auction. I want people to get some good stuff, and Moxie said it was cool as long as he can continue to co-pilot on future ski hunts when I resume collecting (insert dog head slobbering out truck window emoji)
Another addition: I made about 35 ski coat racks and forgot them in Maine last year. Don't worry, they were all too far gone I'm too many ways. But they are all cool Retro skis and come in a variety of lengths. There are a couple full lengths, but mostly are halves or sections. I will post pictures tomorrow. They all have wood pegs and are derusted and detuned. Some I got real crafty and used an old Look toe on one end as a hook. My son and I had a fun time making them. At least he liked the hammering parts. I think they are worth maybe $15-20? Those are first come first serve as PM's come in, just identify which one you want, or a length you want.
The tail is wagging again, so it might be time for a little walk. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
Lowell and Moxie  
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Pugski.com has also donated some items to this good cause. Ziggy just created two Auctions that ALL the Proceeds will go to help @Lowell Watson and Moxie.


Benefit Auction: Transpack Sidekick Pro starting bid is $25.00 


Benefit Auction: Pugski Swag Bag starting bid is $50.00


Bid early and bid often. Lets help Lowell and Moxie out. 

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

Pugski.com has also donated some items to this good cause. Ziggy just created two Auctions that ALL the Proceeds will go to help @Lowell Watson and Moxie.


Benefit Auction: Transpack Sidekick Pro starting bid is $25.00 


Benefit Auction: Pugski Swag Bag starting bid is $50.00


Bid early and bid often. Lets help Lowell and Moxie out. 

Do we bid here or on the pugski forum?

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Bidding for the items Phil listed has begun on Pugski.
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The Auction for Moxie is now closed.


I want to send great thanks to all at the Epicski Community for your help and support for Moxie. He is on the mend and the Doc's say that he will make a full and complete recovery. The hardest thing right now is trying to keep the stitches in and keep him calm in the face of other dogs and rabbits he wants to play with. Moxie is a wonderful part of our family and he is now a part of the Epic family too.


I will be notifying winners and purchasers of items over the next 24 hours, please bear with me as there are a lot of replies to make. Over the next week I will be listing the remaining items along with a few others in a sale format. If you missed the auction, and there is anything you want, PM me. NO OFFERS WILL BE REFUSED.


Thanks again for the outpouring of support for Moxie. I will be posting pictures of him as we progress toward 100%, but now he is refusing pictures while the "cone of shame" is on. So vane!


Best Wishes,


Lowell Watson

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He will be mad about this one🤕
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Long overdue update on Moxie: he is doing much better! His mind is all a-twitter and he is back to shaking at the sight of any bird or critter. His wound is finally healing well (couple stitch redo' later finally ending in staples) and he is moving around well for 4 weeks out. The brain is still moving too fast for the body, but he will get there. Moxie is extremely excited by the snow and is a little bummed he can't go buck wild, hopefully he will get to experience a late season storm or two. Here are a couple pics of the before and after staple removal. Lowell jr thought Moxie needed sponsorship so he decorated his cone!

It's cold! I want my hair back!😏
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What an adorable dog! Glad he is healing.
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