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Twin tip ski length

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I'm looking to buy a pair of all mountain twins, and i can't seem to find out what would be the correct length. I'm an advanced rider, 185 cm high and have a weight around 150 lbs. I don't see myself as an aggressive driver. Would it be totally out of question to pick a pair around 180cm?


Thanks in advance

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Welcome to Epic.  The Nordica Soul Rider, probably the best all mountain twin tip ever, is available in either 177 or 185.  Keep in mind that it will ski short because it's a twin tip and even shorter because it have tip and tail rocker.  If possible see if you can demo it in both sizes.  But, if you can't demo, I'd recommend the 185.  I'm about 170cm and ski the 177.

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Soul Riders come in 169,177 and185 cm.  Skiers come in 125 lb cautious varieties through 225 lb chargers.  I suggest the middle ground for you (177 cm).

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Have you ever skied the Soul Rider?
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You got replies that cover 2 common theories on ski sizing. Use height, weight and skier experience to choose a length, or pick a ski based on height, weight, skier experience and then map that range of lengths to skier types. The first points toward 185, the second towards 177, as 177 is one down from the top ski which would be for hard chargers or heavy people. The corollary for both approaches is that only a demo of the skis can tell you for certain which length is best for you.


Just to muddy the waters, :duck:the shorter length will be a little more nimble, the longer will be more stable at speed. If one of those 2 is a challenge for you then lean towards the one that will help in that area.

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In the course of many on snow demoes and purchases (unfortunately not including Soul Riders), I have found that having one size more or less than my ideal ski length for the conditions is no big deal; I can adapt.  Two lengths away however, is a waste of money.

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Stick right around 180cm.  If the ski has a lot of tip and tail rocker, don't be afraid to go longer.  I can second the recommendation to go with 185cm in the Soul Rider.  They're very manageable; super fun ski too!

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When getting a twin tip i went ~10cm longer than i'd pick for a carver.

Though it helped the company also sold the same ski with the tail cut off when making it if the customer requests it, so i had a reference point. This made it 6cm shorter, but since there was a lot more tip rocker than my carvers the extra 4cm makes the effective edge very similar.

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