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I am organizing two extended weekend getaways to Killington Mountain at a beautiful 12 bedroom, 12 bathroom house 10 minutes from the slopes and wanted to see if anyone from the EpicSki community would like to join.


The weekends will be run in "all inclusive" manor meaning that EVERYTHING will be taken care of for you once you arrive. I'll have lift tickets are there as people arrive, rentals are arranged if you need them and I cook up gourmet breakfasts and group dinners every night. There's also endless drinks and snacks throughout the trips.


The house we stay in for the trip is absolutely stunning - it has 2 outdoor hot tubs, a full game room, private bar, and it's own sledding hill. The food will be non stop goodness with meals like steak, pulled pork, bratwurst, cheese steaks, guacamole, veggies, and French Toast casserole being cooked up all weekend.


The pricing comes out to about what it costs to organize everything yourself but the beauty is that all you really have to do is get there and everything will be setup for you.


March 23-27

3 Night & 2 Day Lift Ticket - $525

4 Night / 3 Day Lift Ticket - $615


March 9-13

3 Night & 2 Day Lift Ticket - $585

4 Night / 3 Day Lift Ticket - $675


All of those prices include food, drinks, and snacks. Everything except the transportation (and rentals if people need them) is covered. You're welcome to adjust how many lift tickets you'd like, this is just typically how people choose to setup the trip. If you can get a group of 3+ people I could probably make those prices a little lower.


For transportation for the trips a lot of people use carpooling sites and I help facilitate those after people sign up as well. A lot of people are based in the NYC & Boston areas. If a lot of people need rides I'm happy to rent a shuttle van and drive people up.


Let me know what the community thinks, these trips are a great time because with everything taken care of people are able to really relax and meet a bunch of great new people staying in the house.


Happy New Year!