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Epic ski knowledge needed here:


Looking for a playful ski in bumps and trees, medium flex, but fun when you get a couple of inches on the ground


Current quiver:


Blizzard Brahma's-180 


Nordica Patron- 185


Skiing pretty much out west, mostly Taos and Cali mountains, but looking for a fun ski to bridge the gap


Love the Brahmas, great on the standard day, love pushing them hard but want something slightly more smeary for trees and bumps


Patrons are a gem when the snow is great like New Mexico had recently but when it gets a bit skied off they can be a bit of a slog


My Dad got a pair of 2012 Rossi Scimitars and loved how nimble they were, was wondering if anyone has had some days on the Blizzard Regulator which seems like a great ski for those not quite deep days but when you want something quick and flexy


Also interested in the Head Venturi 95




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